Every month, Alternative Press is sharing some of our favorite new releases. From rap to riot grrrl, this month’s AP&R list spans across different genres, bringing you a unique list of rising artists. Check out these budding artists who will soon become your new favorite below.

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Check out: “Salma Hayek”

“Salma Hayek,” an ode to Quentin Tarantino’s classic 1996 film From Dusk Till Dawn, immediately starts off strong. Listeners are met with aggressive guitar riffs to match the screaming vocals from Sam Matlock. Milkie Way adds a riot grrrl-esque sound to the track that is incredibly enticing, paired with electronic beats. The song, which “comes in with all the subtlety of a pack of wild dogs,” according to the band, feels like the euphoric release of built-up frustration. Lyrics such as “All these boys are crying/Saying I’m their new messiah” are perfect for anyone to scream-sing at the top of their lungs to blow off a little steam.

U.S. Velvet 

Check out: “Sleep Paralysis”

U.S. Velvet make listeners feel as if they are sinking down into their bed, unable to rise, with their appropriately titled “Sleep Paralysis.” Groggy vocals and driving guitar riffs create a darkness that’s lightened by vibrant synths. The eeriness of the vocals and the brightness of the synths coalesce to create a well-balanced song — the ideal soundtrack for a fall day with a steaming cup of black coffee.


Check out: “Candyman”

“Candyman” was the first hint at what was to come — the track was one of the first singles released from YUNGMORPHEUS’ new album, Affable With Pointed Teeth, produced entirely by Eyedress. YUNGMORPHEUS infuses the track with jazz influences to create a murky atmosphere for his lyrics to shine through. One of the most notable is when he asks why we hide our scars. “Don’t you know the tough bleed?” he quips.

Dora Jar 

Check out: “Scab Song”

Dora Jar creates musical magic with “Scab Song.” Yes, the song may be inspired by a scab on her leg that resembled the shape of Hawaii, but don’t let that fool you. “Scab Song” is a mesmerizing combination of fairy-like harmonies mixed with whirling, almost extraterrestrial, electronic sounds. A delightful acoustic guitar riff invites listeners in and crescendos until becoming almost defiant, yet somehow still not aggressive. The lyrics also offer a journey, from talking about her island-shaped scab to laying out her thoughts from the deepest corners of her brain. Take a trip through Jar’s amusing mind and allow yourself to blissfully float away. 


Check out: “Tangent”

Goodnight’s “Tangent” takes inspiration from many corners of the music world, employing electronic, new-wave, shoegaze and pop sounds. The inspiration behind this song, and their new Tangent EP, was to create music that could be used for film scores, and they certainly succeeded. The track is driven by a strong electronic beat that gives way to bursts of energy that build over time. Melodic, tranquil vocals behind what sounds like a voicemail message come as a welcome surprise about halfway through the track. The duo then take control toward the end, adding more depth and emotion to the song.

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