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1. Plested – “Either You Love Me Or You Don’t”

The latest track from Plested details a situation that everyone’s been in at least once or five times, the friend zone. The singer serenades through a tale of love that never was with an inflection that would make John Mayer proud.

2. Like Satellites – “Catch My Breath”

Like Satellites look to tease the sound of their upcoming EP with the record’s first single, “Catch My Breath.” Skirting the line between angst and acceptance, the band convey the frustration of moving on through crisp, belting vocals. The EP, Nothing Left To Say, drops May 17.

3. Sunsleeper – “No Cure”

Get your daily dose of ’90s emo nostalgia with this new song from Sunsleeper. Varying between slow, intimate chords and soft breakdowns, the track blends modern and classic influences without missing a beat. The upcoming album, You Can Miss Something & Not Want It Back, drops July 12, with preorders available here. You can check out the first single, “Soften Up,” here.

4. Envoi – “The Seas”

Returning with their first new release since 2014, Envoi return with a vengeance in “The Seas.” Madeline Finn’s fiery voice leads a multifaceted beatdown that keeps a foot on the gas, even after an intimate solo closes out the track. You can follow updates on the band here.

5. The Driver Era – “Welcome To The End Of Your Life”

The Driver Era slow it down from their usual upbeat tempo with their deceptively laid-back track, “Welcome To The End Of Your Life.” The duo float on a leisurely drum beat, mixing in moments of guitar-leading jam sessions before kicking back to the low-key demeanor that they began with. You can follow tour updates here.

6. Early Humans – “What A Waste Pt. II”

Early Humans bounce between genres in their new track, “What A Waste.” Leading with indie-inspired acoustic chords, the song quickly builds into a buffeting garage jam that’ll leave you wanting more once it inevitably slows down again. You can follow updates on the band here.

7. Evan Konrad – “Come On Snake, Let’s Rattle”

Evan Konrad continues to push his dark brand of alt-pop with his new song, “Come On Snake, Let’s Rattle.” Konrad’s hauntingly smooth voice takes center stage supported by a strong guitar twang. You can purchase the new single here.

8. Jagwar Twin – “Long Time Coming”

The latest full-length effort from Jagwar Twin dropped today, illuminated by one of the album’s premier tracks, “Long Time Coming.” Providing a triumphant chorus paired with an uplifting effort, this one should lead your weekend playlist. You can listen to the album, Subject To Flooding, here, or check out dates for his current tour with lovelytheband here.

9. Naomi Wild – “LA LA LAND”

Naomi Wild continues to dominate 2019 with “LA LA LAND.” A starry-eyed yet realistic look at the city of angels, Wild takes a stroll down Hollywood Boulevard with stabbing synth and a pesky beat, both taking a backseat to her silky voice. You can check for updates on the singer here.

10. At My Mercy – “Not A Chance”

At My Mercy look to crank up your weekend with their new song, “Not A Chance.” The band aim to stamp out hate through aggressive tempo and pointed lyrics, only slowing down to set up for a triumphant finish. The band’s upcoming full-length, Balance | Symmetry, drops May 24, with preorders available here. The band head out on tour with Famous Last Words and Dayshell May 10, with dates and tickets available here.  

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