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Keyes — “Floating Room”

Featuring hypnotizing riffs and vocals, the melodies in Keyes’ latest track sway back and forth like a pendulum. With a spellbinding music video to match, the band appear on screen in a kaleidoscope-like caricature. You can pick up the Floating Room EP that includes the original and acoustic version of the song here.

Gamblers — “Corinthian Order”

This indie-pop ode from Gamblers is plentiful in bubbly guitar and hip-hop influence. Originally, “Corinthian Order” contained a sample from Wilco’s “Jesus, Etc.;” however when frontman Michael McManus rewrote the vocals, he ended up ditching the sample entirely. Regardless, the track is still clearly reminiscent of the 2001 indie-rock classic. Their upcoming EP of the same name will be out Sept. 7.

DNDR — “Shine A Little Light On Your Own Mind”
The Swedish duo DNDR released the lead single “Shine A Little Light On Your Own Mind” from their upcoming debut EP. Perfect for fans of Avicii and Bleachers, DNDR’s latest synthy single is euphorically airy and refreshing. This electro-pop bop is essential for every end-of-summer playlist.

Destroy//Create — “Vivid”

In celebration of playing with August Burns Red and Underoath tomorrow at iMatter Fest, Destroy//Create just dropped a new music video for this certified banger. “Vivid” is from the band’s debut self-titled EP, available here.

Wildways — “Self Riot”
From their forthcoming sophomore release Day X comes Wildways’ second single “Self Riot.” The Russian quintet’s newest single follows the theme of society’s imminent doom in a paranoid reality. Day X was independently released in the band’s home country this past March; however, it is set to release officially Sept. 14 via Pale Chord Music.

Half The Animal — “Magic”
Half The Animal waste no time to capture the ears and hearts of listeners everywhere. With slick, wavy beats Half The Animal’s latest track “Magic” puts a perfect, glossy finish on the tail end of the summer.

Secret Space — “Loner”

Gearing up to unveil their upcoming self-released album AntiHero, Secret Space released their latest single “Loner.” “I have always been able to turn to Secret Space to make visceral experiences to share with my fanbase,” frontman Dean Tartaglia says. “It has been my personal outlet for the good (The Window Room) and the bad (AntiHero) in my life, and will continue to grow with the underdogs, the forgotten. I’ve always wanted to make cool as fuck music for the ‘uncool,’ the anti-trendsetters. Now I feel I finally am one.” AntiHero will be available Aug. 24. You can preorder your copy of it here.

rhêtorík — “Right Here, Right Now”
Best known for his work behind the DJ booth with Logic, rhêtorík just dropped “Right Here, Right Now.” After overcoming homelessness and achieving a full year of sobriety, rhêtorík found his purpose within songwriting and creating. By blending his alt-rock roots with modern pop, rhêtorík’s essence pushes the envelope in all of the right ways.

kill joy. — “Change”

The former guitarist of Major League just dropped a music video for his new band, kill joy. Perfect for anyone who is currently struggling, “Change” is the project’s debut melodic, emo single. kill joy. are perfect for fans of fellow emo/alt-rock bands Citizen and Title Fight.

Notches — “Telephone Wire”

This grungy New Hampshire trio just released their sophomore album Almost Ruined Everything. Like ripping off an old Band-Aid, “Telephone Wire” bleeds with authenticity while packing the punchiest riffs Notches have created to date. Notches are good, old fashioned rock ’n’ roll, created just how it ought to be. Almost Ruined Everything is available here.

The Stolen — “Change The Record”

New Jersey pop-rock outfit the Stolen released their brand-new single “Change The Record” from their forthcoming EP. “I rewrote the entire song to be about the feeling of complacency and contention with life,” guitarist Rob Chiarappa says. “The feeling of accepting you’re in a spot you may not want to be or surrounded by a situation that’s not the best for you, yet you still stick through hoping things will change.”

Cape Cub — “Moonglow”

Starting as a solo bedroom-pop project, Cape Cub have grown into a five-piece band. Since adding four new members, the U.K. alt-pop band released their first single. Incorporating innovative keys and lively instrumentals, “Moonglow” lives up to its name while radiating atmospheric and fresh auras.

DREAMERS — “All Washed Out”

“All Washed Out” hails from DREAMERS’ upcoming EP Fly. “‘All Washed Out’ is a song about trying to revive the past,” lead singer Nick Wold says of the song. “Dreaming about the way things were, while looking at an ever-fading picture of what was.” Fly is the second installment of the band’s trilogy of releases coming in 2018 and 2019. Serving as a follow-up to LAUNCH, Fly will be available Sept. 7.