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1. Surf Curse – “Hour Of The Wolf”

With less beachside guitar jangles and more Current Joys melancholia, Surf Curse stay cool in the shade for “Hour Of The Wolf.” The band’s previous singles were uptempo surf-rock maneuvers, but this track is penned with wistful instrumentals and pensive songwriting, paving the way for a poignant denouement. The duo’s upcoming third album, Heaven Surrounds You, drops Sept. 13 via Danger Collective Records. Preorder the album here.

2. Dwellings – “Pick Up Before You Go”

Dwellings gained traction in the post-hardcore realm last year with Lavender Town, rising to stand beside other respected “Swancore” acts. Radiating with swanky guitar licks and soulful melodies, the band’s latest single, “Pick Up Before You Go,” unpacks a hefty baggage of post-breakup emotions, unraveling a tale of heartbreak and the struggles of self-acceptance. 

3. Eighty Ninety – “Got Your Message”

Indie-pop brothers Eighty Ninety are on their way toward a sophomore EP, spawning a second single, “Got Your Message,” to mark their return for the next chapter. Accompanied by upbeat guitar strums and breezy alt-pop instrumentations, the song faces the harsh reality of falling in love with someone, knowing that they’re not the right fit. The duo’s Bowery Beach Road EP is set to be released this fall.

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4. Hallow Point – “I’m Alive”

Hallow Point immerse themselves in captivating sci-fi aesthetics for their music video and single, “I’m Alive.” With plenty of crushing rhythms and face-melting guitar computations, this empowering track serves to remind us that we can power through any obstacle in life as long as we’re alive and kicking. The band’s debut full-length, Blacklight, is set to release Sept. 20, and preorders are available now

5. Repenter – “So Sick”

Produced by Ross Robinson (Slipknot, the Cure), “So Sick” opens an exciting journey for the Los Angeles-based grunge act Repenter. Their new track calls out the vanity-driven culture of modern influencers, anchored by ballsy guitars, domineering vocals and a sardonic attitude that sums up the overall theme of the song. The track is taken from their debut EP, which is set to drop this fall.

6. Us In Motion – “As Above, So Below”

Us In Motion’s latest EP is a powerful narrative of apathy experienced from guilt, hopelessness, loss and revenge. Rounding off their catchy alt-rock sensibilities with emotional layers of nostalgic post-hardcore, “As Above, So Below” is an epic epilogue that highlights the band’s sonic strengths, closing the EP on a high note. Their latest Nothing Above EP is available here.

7. Rarity – “A Numbness”

Rarity make a promising comeback after enduring legal struggles, illnesses, crumbling relationships and big lineup changes. “A Numbness” puts the band back on their feet with rampant creativity, conquering every passage with mellifluous harmonies and vast pop-punk hooks. Their new album, The Longest Lonesome, is expected Aug. 30 via New Damage Records, and preorders are available here.

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8. The Weeks – “Paper Mache Houses”

“Paper Mache Houses,” the second single off the Weeks’ upcoming record, absorbs all the positivity in the world that brightens our lives. While blending indie-rock elements with a tinge of Southern rock, this calming tune genuinely captures the band’s benchmark sound as well as the uplifting message it holds. Their new album, Two Moons, drops Sept. 13, with preorders available now

9. The Glorious Sons – “The Ongoing Speculation Into The Death Of Rock And Roll”

The Glorious Sons’ cheeky new single pays homage to rock ’n’ roll with a witty, tongue-in-cheek attitude. The Ontario outfit deliver their distinct sound with harmonic verses and an evocative singalong chorus, making references to deceased rock stars and the seemingly dying genre. The band’s new album, A War On Everything, drops Sept. 13. Preorder the album here

10. The Bobby Lees – “Guttermilk”

Much like their other short and clear-cut songs, the Bobby Lees’ new single, “Guttermilk,” proves that less is more. Storming to the scene with a howling sense of rebellion and nonconformity, the band’s full-fledged garage-punk sound in this song is deftly executed with raw and raucous energy.