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Moon Taxi – “Light Up”

For fans of: Night Riots, Smallpools, lovelytheband

The second single off their upcoming album, Moon Taxi’s “Light Up” is the uplifting track everyone needs to hear right now. Featuring lyrics surrounding hope and a bright backing track to match, frontman Trevor Terndrup says the song was released at just the right time. “We have always found solace through music and people coming together around music, be it in a large crowd or singing in the car,” Terndrup says. “So until we can dance and sing together again, ‘Light Up’ and don’t give up.”

Carlie Hanson – “Good Enough”

For fans of: Hey Violet, Lauren Sanderson, bülow

Carlie Hanson opens up about the “darkest periods” of her life in the deeply personal Good Enough.” Inspired by the singer’s struggles with relationships, depression and anxiety, “Good Enough” is as relatable as it is memorable. Produced by Mitch Allan and Anthony Jones, the track features upbeat synths and beats despite its raw lyrics, reminding us that it’s all right to feel lost sometimes.  

Kat Cunning – “Supernova (tigers blud)”

For fans of: Bea Miller, Sasha Sloan, Bishop Briggs

Kat Cunning delivers a new alt-pop anthem with their latest love song, “Supernova (tigers blud).” The track builds to a colorful climax before leaning into a gentle bridge and was inspired by Cunning’s experience with falling for someone while knowing it won’t work. “I wrote [the song] to celebrate the power of love—how it can make us feel three times our size and even overpromise things we have no control over,” Cunning says. “I hope it accompanies the lovers who would rather burn at the hands of something supernatural than watch through a telescope a million miles removed.” Recently signing with Lava Records, they’re currently working on their debut EP, which is set to drop soon. 

sophie meiers – “edge of the world”

For fans of: Billie Eilish, Dijon, cehryl

With striking rhythms and looping synths, sophie meiers explores the “edge of the world” while delivering haunting vocals and airy melodies. The anti-pop singer envisions the end of life as we know it with dark imagery and lyrics such as “The violence makes me feels so calm” and “Death is certain.” The track is included on their latest EP, you and me again.

Pærish – “Fixed It All”

For fans of: Lonely The Brave, Superheaven, Black Foxxes

French quartet Pærish debut the first single off their forthcoming album with “Fixed It All.” Grunge-like guitars fill every beat while a heavy bassline drives lyrics addressing questionable decisions and losing friends. Vocalist/guitarist Mathias Court says the Will Yip-produced track sets the tone for the rest of the band’s upcoming LP set to be released through SideOneDummy, which will be “darker [and] heavier” than their previous works. 

Tedy – “Boys Don’t Cry”

For fans of: Amber Run, Etham, SYML

Tedy takes us on an R&B journey of empowerment and addresses society’s views on masculinity with “Boys Don’t Cry.” Backed by moving synthesizers and beats, Tedy’s voice fluctuates between low verses and high choruses with ease, providing a smooth roller coaster of sound. Directed by Elliott Muscat and Tristan C-M, the track’s accompanying music video details the singer’s own life experiences and how he overcame his hardships. The song will be included on Tedy’s upcoming EP, Boys Don’t Cry, out Sept. 11 via Sony Music Canada.

Three Cheers Too Late – “This Might Be It”

For fans of: Youth Fountain, Calling All Captains, Wilmette

Touching on loss and mourning, pop-punk five-piece Three Cheers Too Late release an emotional new single with “This Might Be It.” Unwavering and fast-paced, the band waste no time getting to the heart of the track with resonating lyrics about how no one really knows what comes after death. Vocalist Anthony Santiago says he hopes the track can help others reflect on their own grief the way writing it helped with his own. “I want to believe there’s something after this life,” he shares. “I’m honestly just waiting for a sign from my loved ones who have left this life before me to say that it’s all right and that there is something more.”

Model Child – “Drain Me”

For fans of: Nirvana, GIRLI, Suzi Wu

Inspired by ’90s vibes and psych-punk grinds, Model Child’s (aka Danny Parker) “Drain Me” boasts echoing vocals and a beat that is downright groovy. Meant to capture the feeling of what it’s like to be crushing on someone, the song is catchy and intoxicating with smooth guitar transitions and slick drums. The track is the second single from Parker’s upcoming debut album, Dropout, which drops Oct. 16. 

Younger Hunger – “Pray 4 U”

For fans of: Weathers, the Happy Fits, I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME

Beginning with slow guitar riffs, Younger Hunger slowly rocket into outer space with each instrumental addition on the otherworldly “Pray 4 U.” The track is their third single since the release of their debut EP, YIKES, earlier this year. Grappling with toxic relationships, the trio meld ear-catching melodies and tight rhythms into a euphony of psych-pop harmonies. 

foreveratlast – “Holy Ghost”

For fans of: My Chemical Romance, Bring Me The Horizon, We Came As Romans

Their first single since the release of 2015’s Ghosts Again, foreveratlast tear it up and tackle their inner demons in “Holy Ghost.” Vocalist Brittany Ritchey says the track was written so others would be able to relate to it on a personal level. "I wrote it off some personal things, but with alcoholism, addiction and even people that create holes in our lives in mind,” she says. “It’s like, what is it that follows you? What’s hiding in your shadows?” The band currently have an album ready for release but haven’t shared a definite date for its arrival.