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1. Modern Chemistry – “Too Soon (Too Soon)”

Revamping ’90s alternative rock with the emo stylings of Jimmy Eat World, “Too Soon (Too Soon)” by Modern Chemistry is a powerful follow-up to their 2018 singles. The serene melodies permeate the airy atmosphere with  building emotions, gracefully turning the sonic experience into a sentimentally catchy tune.

2. Cheridomingo – “Makeup”

Following up their 2018 EP, Feelings, indie-rock quartet Cheridomingo seamlessly capture the jaded feeling of aching exhaustion in “Makeup.” With soft layers of translucent synths coalescing into overdriven guitars, the tender vocals grow with emotion and power, amplifying the intensity with every passage.

3. Macseal – “Always Hazy”

“Always Hazy” is Macseal’s first single from their forthcoming debut full-length, Super Enthusiast. The Long Island emos return with a catchy song that graces their sentimental and saccharine musicality, seasoned with delicate melodies and nimble guitar jangles. Super Enthusiast drops Nov. 8 via 6131 Records, and it’s available for preorder here.

4. Aurin – “Brother”

Taken from Aurin’s upcoming album, Serotonin, “Brother” is a heartfelt hard-rock anthem that faces a sad truth: “A suicide is like a pebble in a pond. The waves ripple outward,” as described by guitarist Andrew Wayne. As a dedication to Wayne’s brother, the hard-hitting track is accompanied by a moving music video that supports mental health and suicide prevention. Serotonin drops Sept. 13 via The Label Group/INgrooves.

5. Candy Ambulance – “Road Valium”

Candy Ambulance cheekily take on their adverse habits in their raw single, “Road Valium.” The trio find the perfect balance of gritty punk rock and sugary power pop, resulting in a quirky grunge sound. With an addictive hook that speaks honestly to themselves, this track indicates the band’s virtuosity and a promising release. The band’s upcoming album, Traumantic, drops Sept. 13, and you can preorder it here.

6. Black Beach – “Sometimes This Body Lets Me Down”

Harmonically distorted with ominous dissonance, Black Beach craft a pleasing cacophony of jarring post-punk and serrated grunge overtones in their latest single. Fueled by distress and stinging anxiety, the raw vocal performance conquers the song alongside the haunting guitar riffs that nod with the bashing drum beats. Black Beach’s Tapeworm is slated for release Oct. 11, and it’s available for preorder here.

7. Lost In Separation – “If There Is Love”

Dallas metalcore outfit Lost In Separation rise above and overcome oppression in their new single, “If There Is Love.” The band’s undeniable talent mesh together and roar with aggression, stirring the heaviness of rapidfire guitars and drums alongside its emotional vocals that create an adventurous sonic balance.

8. Øff Guard – “Caught In The Rain”

Blending elements of alternative rock, emo and post-hardcore, Øff Guard’s latest album, Losing My Mind With My Heart, is an unfiltered look into dealing with everyday mental health issues. The album closer, “Caught In The Rain,” culminates the album’s concept with a slow burn buildup of crashing drums and sensitive vocal harmonies that highlight their deeply introspective songwriting.

9. Action/Adventure – “Tuck Everlasting”

Action/Adventure’s “Tuck Everlasting” pays homage to all the nights they sang along seeing their favorite bands and the palpable rush of those moments that encouraged them to take the stage as a band. With a vivacious energy, the Chicago pop-punk quartet relive their memories and share their inspiration through crunchy guitar riffs and tight drums.

10. The Band CAMINO – “Hush Hush”

The Band CAMINO continue to cultivate the best of their flamboyant pop-rock in their latest EP, tryhard. Gleaming with ’80s-inspired synths and swervy guitar rhythms, “Hush Hush” is an extremely infectious track that showcases the band’s undeniable knack for writing hook-laden pop anthems that resonate with their lovelorn lyrics.