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Two Birds — “Jelly”

Pittsburgh pop-rock band Two Birds’ 2017 releaseThe Great American Northeast is home to five bangers including “Jelly.” This brand-new music video features the band getting their sweat on. After garnering local attention, the band played a stretch of dates on the final Vans Warped Tour. With plans to release a record next year, the band aim to be back in the studio soon to work on new tunes. Pick up your digital copy of The Great American Northeast here.

The Split Seconds — “Impulsive Automatic”

Reminiscent of classic punks such as the Clash, this D.C. punk outfit are angry, sarcastic and ready to call the government out on its bullshit. “Impulsive Automatic” is from the band’s sophomore record Counterfeit Reality and is no exception to the band’s status quo. You can pick up Counterfeit Reality here.

Royal Tusk — “Aftermath”
After recently signing to Entertainment One Records, this Canadian rock band have big plans to release a full-length record this fall. “Aftermath” is a track from the forthcoming LP. Tusk II will be out Oct. 26; however, you can preorder the album starting Aug. 6.

Homebound — “Indelible”

U.K. pop-punk band Homebound just dropped the third and final single from their upcoming EP More To Me Than Misery. “Indelible” discusses bringing an ultimatum to a potentially rocky relationship. The album is set to release Aug. 17, and you can preorder it here.

Saint Slumber — “Stay Away”

This tantalizing indie jam from Saint Slumber features a smooth, driving melody with layers of airy instrumentals. The band are about to release the follow-up to their debut EP Youth//1 titled Youth//2. “Stay Away” is a single from the upcoming EP. Youth//2 will be out Sept. 14.

Another Michael — “About”

This track is an indie-pop lover’s dream. From their brand-new EP Land, Another Michael’s track “About” is a perfect balance of simmering strings, moody keys and wistful lyricism. Self-described as “worry pop,” Another Michael seamlessly capture mundaneness in the humblest of ways. Pick up Land here.

Shy Boys — “Evil Sin”

Shy Boys’ “Evil Sin” wastes no time to get to the good stuff. The summery track is reminiscent of the Beach Boys and immediately carries the listener away on pitch-perfect harmonies. “Evil Sin” is from the band’s latest release Bell House, out now on Polyvinyl Records.

Free Cake For Every Creature — “Goodbye, Unsilently”

Free Cake For Every Creature shine on their newest releaseThe Bluest Star. Vocalist Katie Bennett whispers softly to create the most gut-wrenching tone of honesty. Carried by simple, almost jagged guitar plucking and fresh bedroom-pop auras, Bennett’s lyrics blend in just enough to stand out. The Bluest Star is streaming on Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music now.

The Band CAMINO — “Daphne Blue”

The Band CAMINO’s latest single screams ’80s summer. With an electric bridge and a catchy chorus to match, “Daphne Blue” is a powerhouse of pop and an absolute must-listen before the season passes.

The Revivalists — “All My Friends”

This anthem features enthusiastic horns and a soulful vocal performance. The Revivalists are an eight-piece collective, and their sound clearly reflects the combined talents and efforts of each member. “All My Friends” is from the band’s upcoming fourth studio album.