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1. Taylor Janzen – “New Mercies”

Nineteen-year-old singer/songwriter Taylor Janzen shared her new track “New Mercies.” She notes that this track is the first song where she employed a full band and used a professional recording studio. “I wrote ‘New Mercies’ as a way to entertain my cynicism a little bit. I was feeling really spiritually lost (honestly when am I not?), and that’s what the song is about,” she says. “Having a band really helped capture the frantic and frustrated energy of the lyrics and overall vibe of the song.”

2. Arcane Ghosts – “Petrified”

This act throw their sound back to authentic pop punk and rock inspired by groups such as Basement and Dance Gavin Dance. Singer and guitarist Jason Diaz was inspired to write this song after watching drama television series. “It always seemed there was one character who had a happy life, and had everything they wanted, but still felt empty, and in an attempt to fill that void, they would try different things,” he says. “Petrified” encapsulates those hardships of loneliness with eccentric guitar riffs.

3. Coat Check Girl – “Somebody Like You”

L.A. rock quartet Coat Check Girl bring a hard rock, indie sound to life with their new song “Somebody Like You.” You can’t help but dance to these powerful rhythms complemented by deep-cutting lyrics describing pain. We’ve all been in a position where we need certain people. This track beautifully encompasses that human necessity.

4. Smokeasac – “Leave You Behind”

Musician and producer Smokeasac may sound familiar, as he collaborated with Lil Peep as a producer. His solo release does a brilliant job of blending rock guitar and bass with hip-hop beats. The beginning of this track even has hints of metal. Check it out for yourself.

5. Mike Krol – “I Wonder”

Mike Krol offers his punchy punk song “I Wonder” featuring the vocal stylings of Allison Crutchfield. Like many great rock songs, this track revolves around a breakup. “I wanted to write something that was more mature in approach following a mutual breakup, or one that maybe stung at the time but years later you can admit it was for the best and wish that person well,” Krol says.

6. Call Me Karizma – “Serotonin”

Call Me Karizma is not your typical singer/songwriter. This 23-year-old uniquely combines hip-hop beats and themes with an incredibly dark narrative to create his masterpiece “Serotonin.”

7. Locals Only – “Drug”

Locals Only are reaching fans far beyond their hometown, especially with their new track, “Drug.” This video takes place on a chilly fall day and portrays an emotionally (and physically) distant couple.

8. Lila Drew – “november”

Lila Drew’s vocals are the epitome of both soothing and haunting. “november” has simple guitar riffs and effortless vocals that will get stuck in your head all day. This track is the follow-up to her single “faded/2am.” Her unnamed debut EP is due out in early 2019.

9. Passive – “Like This”

London’s up-and-coming indie quartet Passive shared their new single “Like This.” You’ll immediately become attached to these indie rhythms full of nostalgia and childlike wonder. “Passive” is the last emotion you’ll have when listening to this track.

10. Never Betters – “Alone”

Never Betters are hitting you with all the sounds of old-school rock ’n’ roll with their new track, “Alone.” This Canadian quartet will make you feel like you’re back in the ’80s listening to a great show in a leather jacket.