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1. Potty Mouth – “22”

Punk trio Potty Mouth give us a taste of a prolonged youth with “22,” a fast-paced jam that talks about keeping the same habits from past years in an upbeat tone. This is the first single released from their highly anticipated second album, SNAFU, which drops March 1 via Get Better Records. Some preorders include frontwoman Abby Weems’ debut comic book, and you can check out the available packages here.

2. Radar State – “Defender”

With a new album dropping yesterday, Radar State (featuring the Get Up Kids’ Matt Pryor and Jim Suptic, the Anniversary’s Josh Berwanger and the Architects'/the Gadjits' Adam Phillips give a true taste of their release with “Defender,” sounding like the best garage concert you’ve ever been to. Staying true to their indie sound with lyrics that are guaranteed to get stuck in your head, Strays is worth the pickup. Tickets for their upcoming tour are available here.

3. Bad Luck. – “Wish We Still Talked”

Bad Luck come through with an emotional punch to the jaw with “Wish We Still Talked.” Raspy lyrics weave together a deep cutting breakdown of love gone wrong. The band are hitting the road this spring, and you can check out dates here.

4. Mozes And The Firstborn – “Blow Up”

Hitting a smooth bassline right off the bat, Mozes And The Firstborn offer another addition of smooth indie sound straight to the soul. This new single comes from their upcoming full-length Dadcore, out Jan. 25 via Burger Records. The band are also embarking on their European Sons tour beginning next week, and tickets are available here.

5. The End Of The Ocean – “homesick”

Following a three-minute intro that lulls you into a sense of comfort with softs chords and echoing sound effects, the End Of The Ocean come in with a tidal wave into a deep, instrumental jam session. Even with no vocals, the song hits an emotional chord with its ominous sounds. The song comes fresh off the band’s upcoming album, -aire, which drops Jan. 18. You can preorder the album here.

6. Juice – “DAVE (turn the music down)”

In “DAVE (turn the music down),” Juice detail the annoyance of a middle-aged man who can’t stand the noisy kids next door blaring rock ’n’ roll. The new single gifts us the silky smooth flow and a rocking chorus with heavy chords that perfectly encompass the kind of thing that would make older people mad. Tickets for Juice’s upcoming tour can be picked up here.

7. Gabriella Rose – “Welcome To The Dollhouse”

Seemingly referring to herself in the third person, 16-year-old Gabriella Rose beautifully takes us through her mind in “Welcome To The Dollhouse.” A slow, brooding vibe quickly makes way to uplifting piano chords and drum lines that transforms the vibe of the song from start to finish. Rose’s upcoming EP, Lost In Translation, drops Feb. 1 and is available for preorder here.  

8. The Candescents – “Grass”

If you’re itching for spring, the new single from the Candescents is just the song for you. With some light guitar and an overall sound that causes cravings for a fruity drink, these guys will fit perfectly in your spring playlist. “Grass” is the title track for the new EP, which drops Feb. 14.  

9. gP. – “Daffy Duck”

Busting through with a screeching guitar to set the stage, gP. chug along with melodic vocals that you wouldn’t expect but fit perfectly together, especially with Matt Fazzi previously of Taking Back Sunday along for the ride. "Daffy Duck" is off the band's upcoming EP sexindustryfolklore.

10. Judah & The Lion – “Over My Head”

The banjo-toting trio come through with a more pop-centric sound in “Over My Head.” Who thought adding some synth and a banjo would sound so good? Check out Judah & The Lion’s upcoming shows on their website.