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1. Tiny Moving Parts – “For The Sake Of Brevity”

Tiny Moving Parts look to prove that the emo revival is alive and well with a hard-hitting two-part single, including a chilly new music video for “For The Sake Of Brevity.” The new song builds from slow guitar notes into slow breakdowns, making for an interesting heartbreak anthem.  You can download the single here.

2. KROWNS – “Triumphant”

“Triumphant” is the best word to describe this highlight from KROWNS’ debut EP, Fake it. Upbeat with a chorus of trumpets to tie it together, this is the perfect song to kick off your weekend. You can check out Fake it here.

3. Here’s To You – “Burning Alive”

Here’s To You announced their sophomore LP by dropping an upbeat new single, “Burning Alive.” The band also included a music video, setting flowers ablaze to go along with the song’s theme of love gone wrong. You can stream the single here.

4. A Crash Republic – “Overture”

A Crash Republic come at you with an angsty, classic pop-punk sound with their latest single, “Overture.” This is the second single from the trio’s debut EP, Homewreckers: Sweet Apathy, which drops Feb. 1. You can stream the new single here.

5. FRENSHIP – “Wanted A Name” (ft. Yoke Lore)

The latest single from FRENSHIP adds to their extensive library of chill yet upbeat jams. “Wanted A Name” features Yoke Lore, who meshes seamlessly within the sanguine melody. FRENSHIP describe the single as a taste of what’s to come in their upcoming album, which will be released sometime in 2019.

6. Jared & The Mill – “Dying Fear”

Complete with smooth vocals and perfectly placed banjo strings, Jared & The Mill give a tantalizing glimpse at what to expect from their upcoming album. This Story Is No Longer Available is set to release Feb. 15. You can preorder the album here, or check out upcoming tour dates on their website.

7. Youth Fountain – “Deadlocked”

Like a splash of cold water, Youth Fountain hit you hard on a Saturday morning with “Deadlocked.” Tackling topics such as depression and anxiety, the band drop their debut album, Letters To Our Former Selves, March 8. You can preorder the new album here.

8. Yours Truly – “Circles”

The new single from Yours Truly will be doing “Circles” in your head. The band announced a new EP with a solid alt-rock song that sets the table nicely for more to come. Afterglow drops April 12, and you can preorder it here.

9. MINKE – “Too Late”

MINKE gave us the breakup song of the week with “Too Late.” The new single brings a rolling beat with lyrics that MINKE described as her “embracing the petty” after a breakup. Her upcoming EP The Tearoom drops March 8. You can stream the “Too Late” here.

10. Stories Untold – “Mrs. Blues”

Stories Untold tell a story with their new backward-filmed music video for “Mrs. Blues.” With a chugging bassline to start, the single off their upcoming sophomore album sets the tone for a solid post-hardcore release.

11. Terror Jr – “Pretty”

Terror Jr released a new single, “Pretty,” with an artsy new video to boot. This is the third single released off their upcoming album, which looks to tackle controversial topics such as LGBT rights and substance abuse. Unfortunately, Terror Jr drops Jan. 25, and you can preorder the album here.