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  1. Phoebe Bridgers — “The Gold”

We didn’t know we needed this cover of Manchester Orchestra’s “The Gold,” but we definitely needed this cover of Manchester Orchestra’s “The Gold.” Phoebe Bridgers’ gentleness and bona fide honesty tone down the rock band’s indie ode to a devastatingly simple and beautiful tune. We’re not crying, you’re crying.

  1. Cigarettes After Sex — “Sesame Syrup”

Cigarettes After Sex are as sensual as ever. “Sesame Syrup” is down to earth; however, the track ever so slightly dips its fingers into dreamy auras and simple melodies. Serving as a B-side to the band’s recently released single “Crush,” “Sesame Syrup” carries its listeners away on a wistful romance.

  1. I Hate Heroes — “Alive”

This fast-paced post-hardcore anthem from Pennsylvania outfit I Hate Heroes contains slick riffs and seamless screams. “Alive” is from the band’s upcoming album Save Yourself, out Sept. 4. You can preorder your copy here.

  1. Slowly Slowly — “Smile Lines”

Drawing comparisons to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Australian rock band Slowly Slowly’s new song explores the band’s inner turmoil. “Take what you want from the storyline, but for me, the song centers around becoming entangled in your own web,” frontman Ben Stewart says of the track. “The more you thrash around, the worse it gets.” The track comes from their latest album St. Leonards. You can pick up your copy here.

  1. Rare Americans — “I Vs I”

Up-and-coming pop-punk band Rare Americans just dropped their new song “I Vs I.” With fun, energetic riffs, the track delves into the idea of being at war with oneself and not being concrete in one’s decisions. The video also touches on heavy subjects, such as bullying and mental health.

  1. Sad Baxter — “Believe Me”

This fuzz-pop duo just dropped “Believe Me” from their forthcoming EP So Happy, out July 20. Sad Baxter’s blend of distortion and power pop melt together with playful lyrics to create a refreshing take on ’90s grunge. You can preorder So Happy here.

  1. Druse — “Together This Time”

Rochester, New York post-hardcore band Druse’s latest album Honey From The Rock just dropped. “Together This Time” features crafty guitar work and carefully chosen lyrics uplifted by understated, yet powerful vocals. You can purchase Honey From The Rock here.

  1. Radkey — “Basement”

This fun track by punk outfit Radkey evokes a desire to get away and plug it in. “The basement is our hangout spot where we jam out and write all our music,” bassist Isaiah Radke says. “Being down there allows us to hide away from everything that isn’t going the way that we want it to. It’s our sanctuary where we can escape everything.”

  1. Spirit Animal — “Painkiller”

Spirit Animal’s new dance-pop number is funky, electronic and absolutely impossible to sit still to. “Painkiller” is from the band’s forthcoming album Born Yesterday, which you can preorder here.

  1. Save Face — “Heartache”

With a music video for every single song, New Jersey guitar-driven emo band Save Face knocked it out of the park with their latest release Merci. “Heartache” is a gentle and genuine track that could rip out the toughest heart on the East Coast. Until July 20, Epitaph Records will be matching the digital download sales from Merci and donating them to the Trevor Project, so be sure to download your copy here! Additionally, if you decide to watch the album’s music videos, be conscious of the quick color and lighting changes.

  1. Rich People — “Safehull”

Perfect for fans of Turnover and Citizen, Rich People’s newest track swings between the struggle of addiction and finding solitude. “Safehull” is a hollow and moody tune, peppered with remnants of melodic hardcore, dreamy emo and shoegaze. The track is from the band’s latest EP Grace Session, which you can pick up here.