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  1. Stories Untold — “Hostage”
About being caught up in a failing relationship, Stories Untold explore the themes of breaking free from your emotions. The Michigan alt-rock band just dropped their debut LP Can’t Go Home last year, and you can pick up your copy here.

2. WOLVES — “Freaky”
Dripping with eight-bit video game vibes, WOLVES’ newest track and music video exuberate provocative lyricism alongside catchy beats. The video depicts the band swapping a VR headset and diving into the modern-day digital world.

3. Living With Lions — “Second Narrows”

Canadian punk-rock band Living With Lions just dropped this single from their forthcoming LP Island. “Second Narrows” features driving guitar riffs and a melodic vocal performance that guarantees a promising future for the band. “Second Narrows is a bridge in Vancouver that I have to drive over almost every day to get to my house,” frontman Chase Brenneman says. “It kind of represents safety and that what the whole song is about—having a messed up day or going through something shitty, I always start to feel better once I see the bridge.”

  1. Right On, Kid! — “Loci”

Albuquerque pop-punk band Right On, Kid!’s newest track “Loci” is packed with angst. “Loci” is from the band’s latest release Forever Missing Out, out now via Manic Kat Records. You can pick up your copy here.

  1. Lido Beach — “You Fell Hard”
With a memorable bridge that absolutely rips, the former bassist of the City Drive released his first recording in five years. Lido Beach’s “You Fell Hard” rings with summery, upbeat melodies perfect for fans of Jimmy Eat World and Weezer.

6. To Whom It May — “Calculate”
To Whom It May are giving their genre a face-lift. With almost indie-rock vocals in combination with classic metal riffs, “Calculate” brings fresh, new sound. The song comes from the band’s latest LP The Great Filter, which you can order here.

7. Gia Margaret — “Figures”

This folky bedroom-pop serenade is sweet enough to carry the heaviest of hearts. With faint synths and mellow horns, “Figures” beautifully melts against the grain of Gia Margaret’s traditional vocal harmonies. Self-described as “sleep rock,” Margaret captures a tone unlike any other. This track is from Margaret’s latest album, There’s Always Glimmer, which is available here.

  1. Denzel Curry — “VENGEANCE”

From Denzel Curry’s three-part album release of TA13OO comes “VENGEANCE” featuring ZillaKami and JPEGMAFIA. The collaboration between the three is almost unbeatable, with smooth beats that flow effortlessly under Curry’s rapid-fire verses. With some of the best up-and-coming faces of underground alt-rap and hardcore in one place, “VENGEANCE” absolutely kills.

  1. Love Jerks — “Apocalyptic Make-Out”

With a sound that screams early ’90s, Love Jerks’ latest single “Apocalyptic Make-Out” is packed with energy and boppy staccato downbeats. “Apocalyptic Make-Out” is from the band’s upcoming album Million Movies, out Nov. 2. You can check out more of Love Jerks’ music here.

  1. Chief White Lightning — “City’s Alive”

This upbeat, indie-rock jam derives from Chief White Lightning’s debut self-titled. Chief White Lightning present “City’s Alive” with finesse, appearing as a shaggy-haired hippie prophet dressed in an immaculate white suit. At the very least, “City’s Alive” keeps things interesting. You can order Chief White Lightning here.