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Curtis Waters – “The Feelings Tend To Stay The Same”

For fans of: Tyler, The CreatorPeach Tree Rascals, Maasho

Curtis Waters dropped a slow groove boasting hip-hop vibes and intimate lyrics with “The Feelings Tend To Stay The Same.” The singer wrote the track as an explanation to someone he once knew in college about his struggle with bipolar disorder and why he had to leave. “The song is a bittersweet thank you/apology letter that I wish I could say to her face,” Waters says. “I wrote it hoping she would be curious enough to search me up and listen to my song about her and understand what happened and how I felt about the situation.” “The Feelings Tend To Stay The Same” is Water’s third single, and his debut album, Pity Party, is set to release this October. 

Kill The Lights – “Through The Night”

For fans of: InVisions, Savage Hands, SHVPES

Kill The Lights tackle mental illness with their latest track, “Through The Night.” Filled with light riffs and emotional lyrics, they turn it up with dynamic choruses and a pounding bridge encompassed in deep screams. The band are composed of current and former members of several bands, including Bullet For My Valentine and Still Remains. Singer James Clark (ex-Throw The Fight) says the track is extremely personal and serves as a “snapshot” of how someone may be handling depression and anxiety. The song will be featured on their upcoming debut album, The Sinner, which drops Aug. 21 via Fearless Records.

Goody Grace – “Used To Be”

For fans of: gnash, JutesChelsea Cutler

Accompanied by a single guitar, Goody Grace delivers a swaying performance in his latest track, “Used To Be.” Each verse is dedicated to different people in Grace’s life. He says even though writing the track was a “cathartic and emotional experience,” it was good to let everything out. “If this song can make at least one person feel less alone and give them peace of mind, then I did my job,” he says. The track will appear on the singer’s upcoming mixtape, due out this fall. 

Thutmose – “On The Run”

For fans of: Abhi The Nomad, the SeigeJustin Stone

Thutmose addresses social injustice and unrest with his latest hip-hop single, “On The Run,” and its accompanying music video. With meaningful words mixed with R&B rhythms, an electronic backtrack and energetic drums, Thutmose dedicates the track to a specific group leading the world in the fight for equality. “This song is dedicated to all the women who have been fighting on the frontlines and leading these historic movements while still not being championed as I feel they should be,” he shares. “From Oluwatoyin Salau to the three women who founded Black Lives Matter, this is for them.”

Grumpster – “Teeth”

For fans of: Bad Cop, Bad Cop, Destroy Boys, Apes Of The State

Indie-rock trio Grumpster combine the nostalgia of ’90s alternative and modern punk with “Teeth.” Surrounded by driving drums and vibrant riffs, the meaning of the track is actually quite dark. “It's about one-sided relationships where the other person only keeps you around to use you to their advantage,” singer/bassist Falyn Walsh says. “[How] it makes you feel once you realize that their intentions were only for personal gain and that they never truly cared for you.” The track will be included on their limited-edition Mindless seven-inch vinyl. It’s available to preorder via Asian Man Records and ships this fall. 

Double Grave – “Whatever”

For fans of: Heart To Gold, Alien Boy, Marmalade

Shoegaze outfit Double Grave blur the lines of rock and indie in the upbeat “Whatever.” Lead by unshakeable drums and fuzzy riffs, the vocals ring throughout the track, accompanied by heavy bass and a moving beat. “Whatever” is off the group’s upcoming album, Goodbye, Nowhere!, out Aug. 7 and available to preorder here.  

Rosehip Teahouse – “Thought Number 3”

For fans of: Happyness, Katy J Pearson, Goat Girl

Laying out a short, relaxing track with “Thought Number 3,” Rosehip Teahouse capture indie-pop with light vocals and glittering guitars. The song was written a few years ago in the bedroom of singer Faye Rogers. The final mix was the one she originally recorded in her bedroom using GarageBand and a cheap microphone. “Thought Number 3” will be featured on the band’s upcoming debut EP, Chillin In The Void, out Aug. 14 via Sad Club Records. 

Danny Goo – “Better Off”

For fans of: Lil Lotus, If I Die First, Emotional Xan

Danny Goo melds the moodiness of emo rap and the power of alt-rock in his new intimate track, “Better Off.” Through earnest lyrics, the singer touches on a one-sided relationship that ended up breaking his heart. “It's hard to love someone so much, but know deep down they don't have what it takes to be what you need,” he says. “'Better Off' is my way of coping with this sad truth." 

Sparrow – “Machina”

For fans of: Tonight Alive, Twelve Foot Ninja, Dead Letter Circus

Australian industrial-rock outfit Sparrow utilize electronic elements to complement deep riffs and echoing harmonies in their latest track, “Machina.” Mixed by Forrester Savell (Karnivool, COG), the track dips from soft verses to raging choruses, with singer Sean Hendry’s vocals leading the transitions. The track is the first listen for what fans can expect on their upcoming album. 

Another Year Unknown – “Love”

For fans of: blink-182, the Menzingers, Sum 41

Focusing on the purity and power of love, Another Year Unknown deliver a heartfelt and catchy tune with their latest single, “Love.” Bright synths shine in the background as words of positivity flow between deep bass and slick guitar riffs. “It's something that speaks to my heart,” guitarist/vocalist Ashton Hammill says. “[It] makes me happy, and I think getting this song out to the masses could help other people in the world. We all just need love."