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1. Drax Project – “All This Time”

Drax Project’s latest single, “All This Time,” covers all bases with harmonious verses, soulful falsettos and a grimy drop for all of your late-night hedonism. Hailing from New Zealand, the quartet seamlessly blend jazz, hip-hop and electronic to create an intriguing breed of modern pop.

2. Cold Hart – “Hot Pink Lighter”

Cold Hart’s latest album, Good Morning Cruel World, steps away from his sample-oriented sound. In “Hot Pink Lighter,” Cold Hart’s hip-hop vocals are enveloped in a rough, post-punk sound, and it borrows melodic elements from both genres with live instrumentation to create a catchy chorus.

3. Thiago Muller – “My Favorite Song” (feat. Diana Ebe)

Thiago Muller’s “My Favorite Song” illustrates the picture-perfect definition of pure love with Swedish pop artist Diana Ebe’s angelic vocals. This indie-folk duet flows elegantly and enchants the listener with high-spirited vocal tradeoffs and soaring harmonies, capturing the very essence of sweet romance.

4. Shakeout – “Take Time”

Produced by the Wonder Years’ Matt Brasch, Shakeout’s “Take Time” reflects on finding purpose in ourselves and keeping our priorities in check. The alt-punk duo holds pride in using live looping techniques instead of backtracks and put their motive to motion with a wildly catchy guitar riff that adds color the chorus.

5. All Better – “Blue”

Labeling themselves as “dirty pop,” All Better’s second EP, How It All Worked Out, is filled with uptempo, high-energy anthems reminiscent of mid-2000s pop punk, and “Blue” exemplifies their “dirty-pop” sound. Starting off with a sturdy drum beat, the song builds with a jubilant chord progression and goes all in with its melodic hooks and verses.

6. Abuse Of Power – “May 1st”

Abuse Of Power aren’t messing around in their latest full-length, What On Earth Can We Do. Atlanta’s hardcore punks throw down with primordial rage in “May 1st,” driving the song in full force with frenetic drumming and thrashing melodies as they push their sonic boundaries.

7. Alaena – “I Wanna”

It’s hard to believe that Alaena (aka Alana Potocnik) used to rock the keys in Winds Of Plague, but her “grunge-pop” ventures prove that she can fly solo and flaunt her songwriting capabilities. Her latest single, “I Wanna,” deals with the vicious cycle of mixed signals between lovers and encourages us to fight through the ups and downs of love.

8. Gumm – “Summit”

Taken from the band’s second EP, “Summit” has hardcore high jinks written all over it. The gritty guitar riffs pair well with the stoner-metal stupor, enticing listeners with an unconventional catchiness that’s perfectly executed with harsh growls.

9. Horse Jumper Of Love – “Nature”

Horse Jumper Of Love’s new single, “Nature,” incorporates blues and rock elements into their signature sound. Nevertheless, the band still stay true to their style by fleshing out their slow and heavy melodies across the moody soundscape, smoothing out the song with chill, relaxing vibes.

10. Duncan Fellows – “Cursive Tattoo”

Duncan Fellows’ latest song, “Cursive Tattoo,” expresses the insurmountable feeling that comes when making a permanent commitment, much like getting a tattoo. With an emo-tinged indie-rock sound, the song energetically builds up in the verses and switches into a swooning chorus that swings blissfully over the sweet piano.

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