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1. Dear Desolate – “Beg And Plead”

Dear Desolate make sure that nü metal is alive and well in their latest single, “Beg And Plead” With a wailing guitar intro that perfectly sets the mood, the track takes destructive rhythms and riffs akin to Slipknot and Korn and combines it with an ominous melody to offset the air of tension.

2. Proper. – “A$AP Rocky Type Beat”

Previously known as Great Wight, Proper. embrace sorrow in plain emo fashion in their new song, “A$AP Rocky Type Beat.” The song starts out slow and despondent but picks up rapidly midsong with a confessional hook that’s infectious, ending the song on a high note with sheer sincerity.

3. Meet Me @ The Altar – “Tyranny”

Building upon the rhythmic coordination of easycore, Meet Me @ The Altar’s “Tyranny” kicks off with a bouncy riff that tightly meshes with vigorous drums. With just enough harmony and aggression to maintain their stylistic balance, this song presents the band’s high-energy pop-punk sound.

4. TM88 – “Slayerr” (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

Two years after “XO TOUR Llif3” became a viral hit, TM88 and Lil Uzi Vert reunite and continue their legacy with “Slayerr.” As a renowned 808 Mafia member, TM88 doesn’t falter in this track. His pristine production complements Lil Uzi’s flow and style, ultimately combining their strengths together with booming 808 beats and glitchy synths.

5. The Wrecks – “Freaking Out”

“Freaking Out” is the Wrecks’ unabashed take on psychedelics, telling the tale through an honest narration of the mental misadventures. The verses envision the experience with self-conscious thoughts and dazed-out vignettes, which contrasts with the chorus to emulate the ambivalent comfort of a mind-bending trip.

6. Bad Omens – “Burning Out”

Bad Omens are back with a third single from their upcoming full-length, Finding God Before God Finds Me. The band step it up a notch in “Burning Out,” not only picking up where they left off in their self-titled album but also amplifying their intensity with powerful screams and immense hooks.

7. Horse Head & YAWNS  – “D.O.A.” (feat. Zubin)

Summoning a new wave of hip-hop-influenced emo rock, Horse Head returns to his alternative-rock roots in “D.O.A.” With YAWNS laying groundwork for live instrumentation to add a certain rawness, this mellow tune evokes a sense of melancholy and serenity at the same time—one of Horse Head’s specialties.

8. Killstation – “Exelsior”

Taken from his latest 22-track album, The Two Of Us Are Dying, Killstation’s “Exelsior” infuses dark elements from alternative rock and rap to create a gloomy crossover track. With a deadly arsenal of grungy guitar riffs and heart-thumping bass, this song flaunts Killstation’s oddball qualities that go hand in hand with his creative vision.

9. Baggage – “Misophonia”

Ex-Swellers drummer Jonathan Diener unravels his life story and struggles with misophonia, a rare anxiety disorder that causes a hatred for sound. Though “Misophonia” surrounds listeners in warm power chords and a relaxing melody, frontman Diener wholeheartedly expresses the tormenting experiences he’s faced with the disorder.

10. A R I Z O N A – “Nostalgic”

Following A R I Z O N A’s powerful collaboration with the late artist Avicii, the electronic alt-pop trio go down memory lane and reminisce about the good times in “Nostalgic.” The sweet synth melodies glide over soothing chords and create a chill atmosphere that elevates the catchy, ethereal chorus.

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