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Following her playful debut single, TOOPOOR returns with a sentimental ballad that unravels a tale of dark romance and piercing heartbreak. Produced by Killstation and accompanied by a haunting video, “LAMENTED” reveals TOOPOOR’s emotional side and takes on an introspective venture with her fragile vocals doused in somber chord arrangements.

2. My Immortal Enemy – “I, Devil’lyn” 

Led by former I Am Ghost frontman Steven Juliano, My Immortal Enemy throw it back to riffy, mid-2000s metalcore in their new song, “I, Devil’lyn.” The vocal trade-offs between Juliano and guitarist Jacklyn Paulette mix and match seamlessly in contrasting melodic hues, and the fine coordination of uptempo rhythms keep the intensity high and heavy until the end.

3. Matt Maeson – “I Just Don’t Care That Much” (grandson remix)

After Matt Maeson’s acclaimed debut release, the singer/songwriter continues to rise with his folk-influenced alternative pop. In this remix of “I Just Don’t Care That Much,” grandson revamps the song with jittery trap beats and additional instrumentation that amplify the chorus, giving an extra push to Maeson’s powerful melodies. 

4. K.Flay – “Not In California”

Taken from her forthcoming album, Solutions, K.Flay steps into a world of paradise and expresses the beauty of escape in her latest song, “Not In California.” Taking her social commentary to the verses and flaunting her hooks in the chorus, it’s a killer track that sums up K.Flay’s high-spirited nature. 

5. Sleeptalk – “dontbesoblue”

Sleeptalk start a fresh new journey with “dontbesoblue,” a dreamy indie-pop piece that gives a voice to starting over and self-discovery. The band interweave their deep lyricism with atmospheric melodies, creating an ethereal-yet-catchy song that embodies their trademark style.

6. Along Came A Spider – “Galaxy Eyes”

It’s been three years since hearing new music from Along Came A Spider. The band make a strong comeback with heart-thumping rhythms and groovy riffage that toes the line between hard rock and nü metal. Filmed entirely from their phones, the video follows a trippy, kaleidoscopic visual that plays with galactic imagery. 

7. Woes – “Fake Friends”

Taken from their latest album, Awful Truth, “Fake Friends” is a downright pop-punk jam from U.K. pop-punkers Woes. With a contagious, vibrant energy reminiscent of Neck Deep and the Story So Far, the bouncy riffs and angsty lyrics make this song not only relatable but also stomping fun tune for the summer. 

8. Rare Americans – “Same Boat We Row”

Up-and-coming Canadian punks Rare Americans reflect  on their past lives, sharing an honest outlook on life and death. Nostalgic, genuine and contemplative, “Same Boat We Row” is a touching acoustic ode dedicated to loved ones and family members who bless our lives with fond memories and stories.

9. Prince Daddy & The Hyena – “Slip”

With vocalist Kory Gregory’s throaty screams pulling the melodies over the crunchy guitars, Prince Daddy & The Hyena’s “Slip” is full of grungy, post-punk emo surprises. Their latest concept album, Cosmic Thrill Seekers, illustrates Gregory’s disorienting adventures on acid as well as the ups and downs that define the overall experience. 

10. Crooked Teeth – “You And Me (Forever)”

Crooked Teeth’s new single serves as a follow-up to 2018’s “You And Me (Whatever).” Cutting out the sugary, electropop coating from the prequel, “You And Me (Forever)” is a step up and shows the band’s matured pop-punk sound that shines with its polished catchiness and harmonies.

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