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  1. Ice Nine Kills — “The American Nightmare”

From their upcoming album The Silver Scream comes Ice Nine Kills’ latest single “The American Nightmare.” With incredible production, Ice Nine Kills’ latest reflects imagery present in classic horror and gore flicks. The Silver Scream will be out Oct. 5.

  1. Night Verses — “No Moon”

Night Verses’ track “No Moon” is a genre-bending masterpiece. Starting slow and eerie, the track slowly builds into an eruption of doom. With light, twinkly guitar work standing next to heavy riffs and sweeping guitar solos, this instrumental track makes you forget that there isn’t even a vocalist. “No Moon” is taken from the band’s album From The Gallery Of Sleep. You can pick up your copy here.

  1. Oh, Weatherly — “I Think I Want You”

Reminiscent of Mayday Parade, Oh, Weatherly just dropped “I Think I Want You,” the second single from their upcoming LP Lips Like Oxygen. Starting as just another heartbreak song, “I Think I Want You” takes a fun, left turn toward independence. Lips Like Oxygen will be out July 27 on Hopeless Records. You can preorder your copy here.

  1. Heart Attack Man —  “Boring”

Heart Attack Man just released this quick, little punk tune called “Boring,” and ironically enough, this track is anything but. Packing as much fuzz and electric guitar as they could in 57 seconds, Heart Attack Man’s latest is a fun, angsty ode to self-deprecation.

  1. Hopesfall — “Faint Object Camera”

Post-hardcore band Hopesfall unleashed “Faint Object Camera,” another single from their upcoming album Arbiter. With melodic breakdowns and otherworldly guitar parts, “Faint Object Camera” stands out as a stellar single from the forthcoming album, out July 13. You can preorder Arbiter here.

  1. Coarse — “In Peril”

Formed from former members of Capsize and Old Wounds, Coarse are on their way to becoming a staple in every hardcore lover’s personal collection. From their upcoming EP, I, “In Peril” is a song made from grit. I will be out July 27.

  1. Tides Of Man — “Static Hymn”

This hypnotic new song from Tides Of Man also came with an equally as entrancing music video. From their upcoming album Every Nothing, out Aug. 3, “Static Hymn” is a beautiful instrumental post-rock jam. You can preorder Every Nothing here.

  1. Coat Check Girl — “Astray”

L.A. rock band Coat Check Girl just dropped this essential new track. “I just would like people to interpret it the way they feel like,” vocalist Andre Rodriguez says of the song. “For me it means something, but I know that for other people that have heard it, means something completely different.”

  1. Calling Kings — “Demon Suit”

Perfect for their sound, Calling Kings just dropped this vintage-inspired music video for their track “Demon Suit.” Complete with the coolest upright bass we have ever seen, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this track. Their first LP of the same name is available now. Pick up a copy here.

  1. Super American — “Hands Down Olivia”

From their upcoming album Tequila Sunrise, Super American’s latest “Hands Down Olivia” is a cute, fun track, perfect for your not-so-serious summer romance. You can preorder Tequila Sunrise here.