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1. Crooked Spies “Chasing Light”

Crooked Spies’ latest song “Chasing Light” makes it clear that the band stay true to their colors. Raucous and uptempo, this track borrows a little bit of everything from classic rock and blues, but most importantly pays homage to the band’s love for punk music tinged with a garage-rock grittiness.

2. Dinosaur Pile-Up “Stupid Heavy Metal Broken Hearted Loser Punk”

Taken from Dinosaur Pile-Up’s latest album, Celebrity Mansions, “Stupid Heavy Metal Broken Hearted Loser Punk” starts off with a metal-inspired riff that delivers a sonic contrast by switching from minor to major key with the vocals. This track switches between heavy sentiments and melodic hooks all throughout, encapsulating the band’s quirky alt-rock sound.

3. Imminence – “Lighthouse”

Swedish metalcore outfit Imminence cry for help in “Lighthouse” with immense breakdowns coated with somber overtones. Paired with throat-tearing screams and an orchestral atmosphere, “Lighthouse” achieves a sound that’s just as emotionally dense and heavy in a similar vein to Architects.

4. Fuming Mouth – “Nothing To Bleed”

It might be Fuming Mouth’s first full-length release, but the sheer heaviness of The Grand Descent proves that the Boston trio know exactly what they’re doing. Reviving ’90s underground death metal and combining it with the chaos of hardcore punk, “Nothing To Bleed” thrashes violently with visceral vigor, turning up the level of brutality to 11.

5. american poetry club – “Pro Pic”

Gliding gracefully with a soothing Midwest emo aesthetic, american poetry club bless us with their latest single, “Pro Pic,” from their forthcoming album, a little light of our own. Engulfed in trumpets and twinkly arrangements, the chill, lighthearted tonality makes the song a comforting indie-rock tune.

6. Riley! – “Goo”

In this playful, surf-punk-meets-emo track, “Goo” takes us through a hazy venture of first-world stoner problems and mishaps. Taken from their latest EP, Purrfect Weather, Riley! continue to dabble with different genres incorporating effect-driven guitars and high-spirited hooks that define their sound.

7. Tonight We Stand – “Hollowgrams” (feat. Lavinia Viscuso)

Tonight We Stand’s latest single features rapper Lavinia Viscuso spitting fire on the verses while the band grace us with symphonic metal elements and superb guitar solos that create a fiery, hellish backdrop for the song. The rap/metal crossover in “Hollowgrams” takes advantage of the aggressive nature of both genres, resulting in a unique hybrid that we haven’t quite seen before.

8. Saint Slumber – “MANTRA”

With Saint Slumber’s recent EDM remix of Taking Back Sunday’s “MakeDamnSure” and their three-part EP series, the band aren’t stopping anytime soon. “MANTRA,” the lead single from their upcoming third installment, is an uplifting alt-pop song about idealization and having faith in our dreams, which serves as an important virtue for the band.

9. Sunsleeper – “Better Now”

Taken from Sunsleeper’s forthcoming album, You Can Miss Something & Not Want It Back, “Better Now” conveys a hopeful message of being grateful of the moment, even during times of hardship and struggle. Drawing inspiration from ’90s indie rock and contemporary emo rock, the mellow composure of the song captures the message with sincerity.

10. The Dirty Nil – “Astro Ever After”

Envisioning a spacey soundscape foaming with distorted guitars, “Astro Ever After” embodies the Dirty Nil’s love for the cosmos. Recorded during the Master Volume sessions, the song was reserved to have its own special moment. The hard-hitting chorus thickens with a layer of soaring vocals and sludges through the space journey with a whirring guitar solo.

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