new songs march 13
[Photo credit: KennyHoopla, Alex The Astronaut/Jess Gleeson, Lotus Eater, SASAMI/Angela Ricciardi]

AP&R playlist: Soaring pop punk, haunting nü metal and new-wave nostalgia

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1. Becko – “Dead-End”

For fans of: Circle Of Dust, Goja and BUNNY

Marco Calanca, better known by his solo project moniker Becko, is a rising vocalist and producer in Italy who’s making waves across international music lines. He recently shared “Dead-End” from his new EP, Genesis. Becko is the perfect artist for fans of emo-rock and techno, as “Dead-End” infuses heartfelt lyrics with heavy synths, powerful choruses and even screams. Becko plans on releasing several singles throughout the course of the year, all leading up to a full-length.

2. SASAMI – “Mess”

For fans of: Slow Pulp, (Sandy) Alex G and Girlpool

In her new track, Los Angeles indie rocker SASAMI combines vulnerable and sweet yet controlled vocals with crunchy, abrasive guitar to create her emotional roller coaster “Mess.” The vocalist/multi-instrumentalist noted how her new song was inspired by life events, noting, “I started making my self-titled album almost three years ago. Since then, I’ve fucked other people, healed bad relationships, broken new good ones, found more joy, more anger and everything in between.” She’ll be playing shows in Los Angeles as well as Virgin Fest and Welcome Campers Festival. Keep up to date on all SASAMI’s tours here

3. PSTCRDS – “Don’t Fake It”

For fans of: Windwaker, Rumours and the Last Martyr

Newcastle’s pop-punk quintet PSTCRDS shared their new track “Don’t Fake It” from their forthcoming EP, This Place Or Our Pace, due out May 1. The soaring vocals and catchy hooks are reminiscent of Between You & Me and Seaway. The band explained that they drew inspiration for the song with various universal feelings. “Even though you’re trying your best to make everything work, it just never seems to come together and never seems to come across how you intend to the people you care about,” the band say. In relation to their EP’s release, PSTCRDS will be playing launch shows at Newcastle’s Hamilton Station Hotel May 7 and Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory May 8. Tickets are available here.

4. Execution Day – “Anti-Venom” feat. Justin Deblieck  

For fans of: Ice Nine Kills, the Plot In You

Pennsylvanian metal quartet Execution Day shared a new track from their upcoming EP, Illusions. Though there’s no release date yet, fans can enjoy their single “Woes” and new song “Anti-Venom” with special guest vocalist Justin DeBlieck of Ice Nine Kills. The track features haunting vocals and even more terrifying screams addressing friends, family and acquaintances hiding their true, perhaps malicious, intentions behind a mask. “We feel like the track and video are special because it paints a picture of what the world is like today and gives hope that truth will prevail,” the band say.

5. Lotus Eater – “Narco”

For fans of: Knocked Loose, Bring Me The Horizon and Issues

Scottish nü-metal band Lotus Eater shared their first new song “Narco” since 2019’s Social Hazard, which features haunting screams, thrashing guitars and heavy basslines reminiscent of Bring Me The Horizon. In fact, Lotus Eater appeared on BMTH’s surprise EP last year on “Underground Big {HEADFULOFHYENA}.”

6. KennyHoopla – “the world is flat and this is the edge//”

For fans of: Joywave, Omar Apollo and Yung Gravy

Cleveland-born and Wisconsin-raised indie R&B artist KennyHoopla describes his own sound as “new-age nostalgia.” The young singer combines indie synths with trap beats to create a truly unique musical experience. “the world is flat and this is the edge//” comes from his forthcoming debut EP, how will i rest in peace if i’m buried by a highway?//, out April 3.  As of now, fans can catch KennyHoopla on the road this spring with Joywave across the U.S. Tickets are available here.

7. Alex The Astronaut – “I Think You’re Great”

For fans of: Courtney Barnett, Alex Lahey and Mallrat

Alex The Astronaut, aka Alex Lynn, is bringing her honest, quirky and friendly brand of rock on “I Think You’re Great.” The Australian singer wrote the tune to highlight being there for friends through thick and thin. The music video even has a topical nod to the brush fires that ravaged Australia. While her shows have been postponed in the states due to coronavirus, she hopes to return to North America later in the year.

8. Evie Irie – “Over Him”

For fans of: Transviolet, Charlotte Lawrence and Josie Dunne

Vocal powerhouse Evie Irie recently shared her new music video for single “Over Him.” The Sydney-born singer/guitar player has blown up in the pop scene with various hit singles including “The Optimist” and “Bitter.” This song is a must-hear for anyone looking to get over a breakup and be empowered through headbanging rock and pop tunes via a ’90s-themed music video.

9. GALXARA – “Jealous Of Myself”

For fans of: Hayley Kiyoko, Allie X and Kim Petras

Powerful and celestial vocalist GALXARA shared her brand-new single and colorful music video for “Jealous Of Myself.” In the poppy, synth-infused tune, she grapples with vanity, mania and fury characterized in the visual by different versions of herself. “It will probably take a lifetime, but as long as I’m trying to be a better person every day and not let those ‘characters’ rule over me, then I win,” GALXARA explains. Fans can also catch the rising pop star on the Birds Of Prey soundtrack alongside Halsey, K.Flay, Megan Thee Stallion and more. 

10. Go For Gold – “At Home”

For fans of: Calling All Captains, Hold Close and Locket

Arkansas pop-punkers Go For Gold released their new single “At Home” from their forthcoming EP, Color Me, out May 15. This song is the perfect fit for any music fan looking for nostalgic punk tunes like that of Simple Plan and Taking Back Sunday. Earlier in 2020, the band also shared their single “Let Me Go,” full of heavy riffs and powerful punk melodies.