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1. eli. – “everything will be okay”
For fans of: nothing,nowhere., Lund and guardin

Singer-songwriter eli. shared his raw, emotional track “everything will be okay,” serving as the second single from his forthcoming album, undefined., due out April 10. The sweet and simple tune delves into the vocalist’s religious upbringing and musically focuses on ambient guitar and his powerful vocals. This is the perfect track for any music fan nervous about the state of the world who just needs a little break and a message of hope. 

2. DREGG – “Hectic”
For fans of: Thornhill, Ocean Grove and bloom.

Australian five-piece DREGG recently signed with Epitaph Records and shared their metal single, “Hectic.” The group uniquely combine genres such as metal, punk and even rap, with “Hectic” employing heavy-metal riffs and undeniably hearty vocals reminiscent of Thornhill. Fans will enjoy the tongue-in-cheek nature of the hardcore band who use their songs to make social critiques, such as on the music industry. 

3. WENS – “Tongue Tied”
For fans of: CYN, VÉRITÉ and bülow

L.A.-based singer WENS shared her dreamy indie-pop song “Tongue Tied” from her new EP, Lemoncholy. The nostalgia-driven track follows the singer from the ages of 18-21. “When I listen to these songs, I hear a young girl who is so naive and barely scratching the surface of what life actually means,” she says. Both the track and EP highlight different societal issues young people face, including being vulnerable and dealing with loneliness. The relaxed song brings a fun and poppy light to relatable issues that will make listeners feel seen and heard.

4. Stepson – “Run”
For fans of: Cory Wells, Have Mercy and Bearings

Stepson recently shared their heavy-hitting, riff-ridden single “Run” with a black-and-white music video with the Brisbane skyline as the backdrop. The single will appear on their forthcoming album, Help Me, Help You set to release via SharpTone this summer. “It is a darker endeavor featuring the trademark guitar melodies and complementary vocal harmonies developed over previous releases with some exciting new elements fans may not have heard from us before,” vocalist/bassist Jayden Ridley says of the song.

5. Vaines – “Summer’s Over”
For fans of: Emarosa, Tilian and Chapel

Vaines is the newest signee to Hopeless Records, and his latest single “Summer’s Over” features guitar, heavy synths and bright, poppy vocals with a trippy and colorful music video to match. The track follows his catchy debut single “Punchdrunk.” As of now, the rising emo-pop singer is slated to play the 320 Festival And Mental Health Summit May 9. The benefit festival will host comedians, artists and musicians, including Chris Martin of Coldplay

6. Wallows – “OK”
For fans of: COIN, LANY and the 1975

Wallows are delivering indie-rock dreams in their new single “OK,” marking their first single since 2019 debut full-length Nothing Happens. The synth-filled song is light and airy, with lead singer Dylan Minnette’s (13 Reasons Why) ambient vocals allowing listeners to tune out the rest of the world and its scary current events and relax. The band explain that the song delves into relationships but is applicable to the current global coronavirus pandemic as well. “The thought that no matter where we are or how alone and lost we feel right now, we can get up again and try to feel OK. We’re in it together,” the band say. 

7. The Radio Dept. – “You Fear The Wrong Thing Baby”
For fans of: DIIV, Destroyer and Deerhunter

The Radio Dept. bring a garage-rock attitude to life in their new single “You Fear The Wrong Thing Baby,” complete with grungy guitars and laid-back vocals. The pop-rock tune explores politics and criticizes conservativism while empowering progressive young people. Unfortunately, the current global pandemic has canceled their North American tour. All tickets will be fully refunded. 

8. Cavetown – “I Miss My Mum”
For fans of: Tessa Violet, mxmtoon and Conan Gray

U.K.’s Cavetown shared his new single “I Miss My Mum,” infusing many acoustic elements into a track that focuses on all the feelings surrounding homesickness. This mellow pop tune is reminiscent of the simple songs of Wallows and the Honeysticks. Due to the coronavirus, Cavetown has to cancel all upcoming tour dates. However, he’ll be sharing content on Cavetown TV available on YouTube and Instagram

9. The Wrecks – “Out Of Style”
For fans of: DREAMERS, Weathers and Night Riots

The Wrecks shared their new single “Out Of Style,” a guitar-fueled follow-up to their other pop-rock single, “Fvck Somebody.” This band are perfect for any fan of powerful rock vocals and guitars paired with pop melodies such as DREAMERS and Simple Creatures. As of now, the Wrecks are slated to play Sonoma Harvest Music Festival Sept. 12-13 and 19-20, featuring performances by Young The Giant, Bishop Briggs and more. 

10. Until I Wake – “Self Medicated”
For fans of: Underoath, Afterlife and Issues

Until I Wake shared their new rock song “Self Medicated” following the success of their debut single “Sinking Under.” The punk-rock track comprises heavy guitars, booming bass and a strong, screaming climax rounding out the end, making it perfect for fans of Underoath and Afterlife.