You’re welcome: We’ve made finding new songs by rising bands easy. Each week, we’re gathering the best from the underground and offering it to you in one, concise list. Scroll to the end and check out our Spotify Discover playlist, featuring these tracks and more!

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1. Haley Reinhart – “Honey, There’s The Door”

Don’t cross Haley Reinhart, or she’ll show you the door. Reinhart takes us through a soft, jazzy outline of her requirements for a lover, channeling her signature vibe. Reinhart’s upcoming album, Lo-fi Soul, drops March 27. The singer embarks on her album support tour in April, with tickets available here and dates below.

2. The Bottom Line – “Gone”

The Bottom Line provide a pop-punk shot in the arm with their new track, “Gone.” Hopping between sweetly sung melodies and a classic, upbeat chorus, this one belongs on your weekend playlist. (And the music video is pretty awesome, too.)

3. Dream State – “Hand In Hand”

“Hand In Hand” briefly lulls you into a Dream State with a slow, soft intro before coming through with a rocking punch to the chops. The song continues pushing the tempo with belting vocals before a triumphant breakdown to cap it off. The band are currently working on new music, and an album’s expected out later this year.

4. Vaines – “Medicine”

Vaines puts us in a genre-busting existential crisis with his new jam, “Medicine.” Swapping between lo-fi pulses and guitar-driven beats, you won’t know how to classify the song. But that won’t matter, because you’ll love it.

5. *repeat repeat – “Hi, I’m Waiting”

Channeling a mix of surf, pop and a handful of other genres gives this new track by *repeat repeat a complexion that just can’t be replicated. The mix between smooth vocals and gritty guitar breakdowns makes for a song you’ll have on repeat. Their upcoming album, Glazed, is set to release May 31, with preorders available here. The band play two upcoming shows in Austin, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee, with tickets available here.

6. Postcards From The Moon – “Just Make Sure You’re Happy”

For a little heartbreak on your Saturday, Postcards From The Moon dropped a new single, “Just Make Sure You’re Happy.” This slow jam will have you reminiscing of your high school sweetheart while admiring some beautiful violin strings. The band’s new album, Me Without You, drops April 5.

7. Fate DeStroyed – “INSIDE”

Fate DeStroyed keep pushes the pace to its breaking point with their new song, “INSIDE.” Backed by growling vocals and a constant guitar beatdown, the track makes for an emotion-packed teaser for what the band have in store this year. Check out upcoming tour dates for the band here.

8. Eat Your Heart Out – “Carousel”

Eat Your Heart Out bring a perfect mix of emo, grunge and punk to the table for their new song, “Carousel.” Soft strings lead into a fast-paced, rocking track that pushes the tempo all the way through. The band are set to play Download Festival in their home country of Australia this weekend. You can grab tickets here.

9. Grim Streaker – “Today New York”

Grim Streaker continue to keep punk alive with their new single, “Today New York.” Gritty, fast-paced and reminiscent of grunge and punk legends, they continues to impress as a rising band to watch. The band play SXSW festival in a few days, with tickets available here.

10. Winnetka Bowling League – “Kombucha”

Winnetka Bowling League hit a perfect strike with their latest single, “Kombucha.” The band give good vibes through clever, sassy lyrics and catchy guitar solos. The band hit the road today for a string of East Coast dates, with tickets available here.