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1. Easy Life – “Houseplants”

Easy Life just unveiled their brand-new song. Mixing slick R&B influence with smooth jazz, "Houseplants" is “a poetic experiment in which we document the all-consuming feeling of falling head over heels,” frontman Murray Matravers says. Additionally, the five-piece released another song called "Spaghetti Hoops." You can check that song out here.

2. Eat Your Heart Out – “Closer To The Sun”

Eat Your Heart Out's latest hard-hitting track from their debut full-length, Florescence, details themes of growth and fulfillment. Thrashed against punchy riffs, "Closer To The Sun" is a perfect empowerment anthem. "'Closer To The Sun' is about wanting something more for yourself and wanting to walk down a different path than the one that has been set out for you," vocalist Caitlyn Henry says. "When I was writing the lyrics, I had an image of a flower in my head reaching up above the surrounding flowers to try and get closer to the sun, but it's cut down to size for daring to grow above the others." 

3. Kurt Travis – “We’ll Probably Be Alright”

From Kurt Travis' brand-new solo album comes "We'll Probably Be Alright." The song pairs dreamy croons with gentle-yet-compelling guitar work. "This album took five years to complete," Travis says. "For many, many reasons. Not all of them positive reasons. A lot of negative obstacles had to be overcome, but here we are. It's finally here." You can pick up a copy of There's A Place I Want To Take You here.

4. Starbenders – “London”

Following their recent signing to Sumerian Records, Starbenders unleashed their tantalizingly haunting song, "London." Paired with a woodsy, sci-fi-inspired music video, the aura of the band and track is nothing short of awe-inspiring. "London’s a place that exists within us more than it is a capital of the world," lead singer/guitarist Kimi Shelter says of the song. "It’s the never-ending chase for that first-time high. The relentless hunger for ecstasy ever present, begging your lips to take the pain. We abandon all fear of death for one shot at bliss."

5. Louder Than Words – “Stockholm”

Las Vegas pop-rockers Louder Than Words released their first taste of new music in over a year. The song itself radiates melodies and riffs reminiscent of all of your favorite pop-punk bangers. Listen to the song above.

6. We Outspoken – “Last Summer”

Just in time for the warmer months, We Outspoken released their pop-punk anthem, "Last Summer." "We all have that one summer that we never forget about," lead vocalist/guitarist Anthony Mascarin says of the track. "We wanted to capture those feelings and put them into words and music. The idea is that this song takes you back to a time that was exciting, new, adventurous and seemingly never-ending. When a song can transport you, that's where the magic begins." The song is from the band's forthcoming album, State Of The Art, which will be out June 14 via Cyber Tracks. You can preorder that here.

7. Have Mercy – “Clair”

Have Mercy dropped the lead single from their forthcoming fourth album, The Love Life, which will be released Aug. 2 via Hopeless Records. The song expertly blends twinkling string work with catchy choruses, all while building up to an innovative bridge. "This record is probably the most personal record since our first release," singer/guitarist Brian Swindle says. "I wrote it to talk about everything I went through the last couple of years and how I was feeling during all of it. I want people to know that it’s OK to be vulnerable and ask for help. If you don’t, then you may just be stuck in a bad place." You can preorder The Love Life here.

8. Preston Lovinggood – “Yellow Dog”

Perfect for your Saturday morning playlist, Preston Lovinggood's latest song "Yellow Dog" is a sincere blend of longing guitar and sentimental hums. From his new album, Consequences, "Yellow Dog" serves as a standout indie-rock track.

9. Caleb Kopta – “Foreign Language

Caleb Kopta's latest song details the connection between our interpersonal relationships and how we interact with technology as a result of our need for instant gratification and attention. "Foreign Language" is Kopta's follow-up to his previous single, "Kids," which you can check out here.

10. John Van Deusen – “Whatever Makes You Mine

From his forthcoming record (I Am) Origami Pt. 3. - A Catacomb Hymn, John Van Deusen shared the lead single, "Whatever Makes You Mine." "I found myself writing 'Whatever Makes You Mine' in the dead of night in response to my loneliness and fear. My desire to be with someone, anyone was overwhelming," Van Deusen says of the song. You can preorder the upcoming album here.