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INKLINGS – “Deep Down”

Indie rocker, Inklings released this bop to combat toxic masculinity. The mastermind behind the project, Kier Kemp says, “You have to rebuild everything. Not just your career, but your friendships – Yourself. But I wasn’t brought up in a world where men show weakness. Push down any sign of the psychological toll and carry on. “Real men” don’t get anxiety. “Real men” don’t get upset. It’s that silence that is making some people vulnerable and it needs to change.”


Brooke Candy just dropped the politically-charged anthem, “War.” With elements of pop punk and thrash, this song is sure to be heard loud and clear. “‘WAR’ speaks to what is happening on planet earth – how the political and cultural landscapes are so unfair,” says Candy. “It’s an anthem to wake people up and seek aggressive change in the world; to protest and shake things up.”


Rock and metal band, As Everything Unfolds just released “17:10,” a track about betrayal and hatred from the ban’ds forthcoming EP Closure. “We’ve all experienced something like it,” frontman Charlie Rolfe says. “There’s nothing more draining than chasing a person you care about who has no care for you anymore, even when they come crawling back you can’t help but still feel anger and resentment, and this song is about holding your head up and finally letting go.

MAYPINE – “Give”

From their newly announced EP Bend/Break, out July 6, comes MAYPINE’s single “Give.” “It is essentially about reaching your breaking point emotionally – when you feel like all hope is lost and you can’t carry on living the way you are without something changing to alleviate the weight on your shoulders,” says the band on their latest track.

VACATIONER – “Strawberry Blonde”

“Strawberry Blonde” is Vacationer’s third single from their upcoming album Mindset due out via Downtown Records on June 22. Full of swinging, pop melodies “Strawberry Blonde” tells the story of frontman Ken Vasoli delivering a valentine to his dog, Waldo. You can preorder the album here.


Los Angeles rock band, Dead Girls Academy just released their single “Everything” from their upcoming album Alchemy out June 15.

CAPE WEATHER – “Never Say”

Serving as a follow up to the Cape Weather’s debut single, “Telephono,” “Never Say” is reminiscent of 60s pop. With a classic beat and drifting vocals, “Never Say” is easy on the ears in a perfect summer way.

TANCRED – “Something Else”

Tancred is set to release her latest album <Nightstand via Polyvinyl Record Co. on June 1. Both fuzzy and catchy, “Something Else” is just one of three promising singles from the upcoming album. You can preorder Nightstand here.

KAILEE MORGUE – “Do You Feel This Way” (feat. Whethan)

Kailee Morgue just launched her new slick and wavy single, “Do You Feel This Way” (feat. Whethan). “It captures the unease of that feeling of not knowing how someone truly feels about you,” Morgue says of the single. “It still always makes me want to move when I hear it.”

SHORTLY – “Spare Time”

Produced by Hop Along’s guitarist Joe Reinhart, Shortly’s newest single “Spare Time” is out on Triple Crown Records. Beautifully delicate and as soft as cashmere, “Spare Time” brings out a sense of authenticity through intrinsic lyricism and precise guitar work.

ALEC BENJAMIN – “Let Me Down Slowly”

“Let Me Down Slowly” is Alec Benjamin’s first single from his upcoming debut album. After playing “parking lot shows” to fans waiting outside of Troye Sivan and Shawn Mendes concerts, Benjamin is finally getting a break. With a distinct voice and drive to put himself out there, his latest single is promising of a fresh career.

DREAMERS – “Screws”

From Dreamers’ forthcoming EP, “Screws” is a grungy ode to the mental deterioration that comes with a failing relationship. “We really wanted to make a passionate song in the style of early 90’s industrial music, which often dealt with the darker sides of romance, while bringing it into the world of 2018 sonically,” lead singer Nick Wold says of the track.

LUMMOX – “Say So”

Packed with symphonic synth and dynamic vocals, this alt-rock project’s newest track perfectly encapsulates the nostalgia associated with remembering friends we have lost. Lummox’s new single “Say So” is a telling tale of emotional honesty.

CORUSCO – “New Year”

From Corusco’s brand new album Wake comes the heartfelt track, “New Year.” “The record is a collection of memories that are all pieces of a larger mosaic,” guitarist and vocalist Aaron Gonzalez shares of the album. “Some of those memories are light and golden, others are heavy and gray. I try to write honestly about even those darkest hours but I don’t want to bring people down to where I’m at. I’m always looking for a way out. Looking for the light. Looking for hope.” You can pick up your copy of Wake here.

HOLY PINTO – “Gold Leaf”

Melodic emo artist Holy Pinto changes things up on his latest track “Gold Leaf.” With guitar work reminiscent of math rock, this new track doesn’t miss a single, complex beat.