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1. almost monday – “come on come on”

For fans of: lovelytheband, ROLE MODEL and BENEE

San Diego alt-pop trio almost monday combine a variety of influences ranging from the 1975 to the Beatles in their song “come on come on” and throughout their discography. The dancey new release features surf-rock basslines and vibrant synths for a summer feel. This track follows the band’s debut tracks "broken people" and "parking lot view." Frontman Dawson Daugherty shares that the group hope “to give everybody that feeling of dancing alone in your bedroom, where you’re not self-conscious at all—you just feel completely free to be yourself.”

2. JSA – “Down & Out”

For fans of: Hot Mulligan, Heart Attack Man and Locket

London pop punkers JSA released their riffy new tune “Down & Out” via The Orchard. Their honest and raw delivery, complete with compelling vocals, is reminiscent of rising punk groups such as Grayscale and Hot Mulligan. Fans listening from quarantine will relate to the song’s narrative and are sure to enjoy the colorful music video from the quintet.

3. 4th & Orange – “Story Of My Life”

For fans of: Tropidelic, Bumpin Uglies and Ballyhoo!

SoCal reggae outfit 4th & Orange worked punk and alternative influences in between their funky basslines and grooves in their new track “Story Of My Life.” The single follows up previous feel-good releases such as “Not The End” and “In The LBC.” The quintet stepped outside of a typical music video format and animated each member for a fun cartoon lyric video to transport listeners to a new world. The band are set to perform at the virtual Stash Bash June 5, which will include live performances, marijuana product reviews and more. You can catch 4th & Orange streaming on their own Facebook beginning at 9 p.m. ET.

4. 156/SILENCE – “High Dive In A Low Well”

For fans of: Code Orange, Knocked Loose, Vein

Pittsburgh’s rising metalcore quintet 156/SILENCE shared their new single, “High Dive In A Low Well.” The track is reminiscent of the hardcore stylings present in bands such as Norma Jean and Vein. The metal outfit will self-release their sophomore album, Irrational Pull, June 5. 

5. Forest Green – "5'6" Ain't Bad”

For fans of: Bearings, Free Throw and Jetty Bones

Michigan emo band Forest Green made an anthem for, as Twitter would call them, the “short kings” of the Midwest. With memorable guitar solos and powerful vocals, this rock song is inspired by a Tinder pickup line that will tug at your heartstrings. “It's a song about not realizing one's own worth within their relationships with others,” vocalist/guitarist Mark Duhaime shares. The track will appear on their upcoming full-length In Waves out July 3 on No Sleep Records. Preorders are available here.

6. KID DAD – “A Prison Unseen”

For fans of: The Wrecks, ufo ufo and Weathers

German indie rockers KID DAD are making waves in the scene with their new single, “A Prison Unseen.” The track will be on their debut full-length, In A Box, which will be released Aug. 21 via Long Branch Records. The quartet’s delicate and raw delivery was inspired by various trips to England, China and Switzerland as well as their time spent in Berlin. “Torn between fear and longing, we tell each of you what we feel and how far-reaching those feelings are within this album,” vocalist/guitarist Marius Vieth says. Preorders and merch bundles are available here

7. NOT A TOY – “Quit Quitting”

For fans of: iDKHOW, Waterparks and My Kid Brother

New Fearless Records signees NOT A TOY shared their second single, “Quit Quitting.” The track follows up their twangy, catchy debut “J Cash.” “Quit Quitting” exposes the outfit’s range as they go from fast-paced rock to a slow, smooth alternative energy. "We wrote 'Quit Quitting' at the peak of our insecurities, and the song runs through the questions that were haunting our minds daily,” the band say. “We wanted this song to be the ultimate late-night drive soundtrack—so that's what we did.”

8. Melody – “Room 111”

For fans of: Cavetown, Tessa Violet and merci, mercy

Los Angeles-based 16-year-old singer-songwriter Melody shared her new single “Room 111” and announced her sophomore EP, Teacher’s Pet, out June 12 via Lauren Records. Inspired by her eighth grade English teacher, the new single is a subtle and sweet acoustic ode to a role model from her past. The singer shares how her track is about "the longing for familiarity but also the desire to move on and not be that awkward, sweaty middle schooler anymore." Preorders are available here

9. Chapel – “Mushy Gushy”

For fans of: Super Whatevr, Cherry Pools and Hot Milk

Alt-pop duo Chapel shared their bright tune “Mushy Gushy” via Rise Records this week. This serves as the first release since the group’s 2019 single “Friends.” The energetic single features indie-pop guitar chords and even horns reminiscent of ’90s sitcom theme songs. The “Mushy Gushy” music video also features an adorable animated character who loves The Office and spooning, just like most of us. 

10. GRANT – “Words”

For fans of: dodie, girl in red and Ana Diaz

Swedish singer-songwriter GRANT recently released her track and accompanying music video for “Words.” Her award-winning vocals evoke both nostalgia and reflection in the song with her dynamic range and soft-spoken verses. GRANT noted how the lyrics define the ups and downs of relationships. “I think relationships are a bit like religion,” she says. “It has faith and rituals, and when you doubt you should take comfort in knowing, it’s because you care.” GRANT plans to share a new EP in the fall.