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1. Shoffy – “Let Go Today”

“Let Go Today” is from Shoffy’s new album, Lenses. In the chilled-back groove, Shoffy combines elements of Frank Ocean and John Mayer to create something beautifully unique. From hip-hop to indie, the song goes beyond them all. You can hear “Let Go Today” on Lenses, out now.

2. Famous For A Day – “Hourglass”

This softer release from Famous For A Day is filled with vulnerable lyrics and heartache. Stunning visuals give life to the lyrics. “Hourglass” pulls at your heartstrings, culminating in a beautiful and relatable song about love lost and hurt feelings. “Hourglass” is also the title track from Famous For A Day’s new EP, out now.

3. Halflives – “Fugitive”

Inventive and rhythmic, “Fugitive” from Halflives is accompanied by stunning visuals. The lyrics address being isolated with nowhere to turn, drawing you into the story. Instrumentals blend rock and EDM elements together to create an engaging sound.

4. The Regrettes – “Poor Boy”

The Regrettes released“Poor Boy,” their response to the Ford-Kavanaugh hearings. The track is electrically charged and brimming with energy. Dynamic guitars are paired with fresh vocals to create a one-of-a-kind song. In addition to the song, the band are also collecting money for RAINN on their Facebook page.

5. Ginesse – “Bedford”

Ginesse makes a captivating entrance with her debut single, “Bedford.” Described as a “retrospective breakup tune,” the track features a simple beat and beautiful vocals backed by an orchestra. With the intricate layering of contemporary orchestra and breathy vocals, Ginesse has made herself one to watch with this first new single.

6. Girl Wilde – “Nervous Breakdown”

Girl Wilde’s latest release “Nervous Breakdown” uses an upbeat track to describe a downward spiral. It starts off slow and distorted before launching into an upbeat groove. Relatable lyrics pull you in until you find yourself jamming in your chair to the melody.

7. Thousand Thoughts – “Perspectives”

Thousand Thoughts have released a new song called “Perspectives,” their second since signing to Marshall Records earlier this year. Kier Kemp (Inklings, ex-Fearless Vampire Killers) directed the video. The track features honest lyrics and raw vocals making “Perspectives” a must-listen.

8. Republican Hair – “Chaotic Good”

Republican Hair is out with his new post-punk effort “Chaotic Good.” The song features a modge-podge of genres blended into one. Intriguing vocals from frontman and lyricisist Luke Dick work well with the dynamic guitar, giving a country feel to the punky “Chaotic Good.”

9. He Danced Ivy – “New Stain”

Guitar-fueled and energetic, He Danced Ivy channel early Fall Out Boy vibes on this latest release. “New Stain” piles together clashing vocals and instrumentals, layering them in a smooth way. “New Stain” is off He Danced Ivy’s new EP, Optimistic Cynic out Nov. 23.

10. Maggie Lindemann – “Would I”

This new track from Maggie Lindemann is her way of opening up about her struggles with depression and other insecurities. “Would I” features extremely vulnerable lyrics accompanied by a somber, sweet melody.