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1. Diva Sweetly – “Detox Island”

Melbourne rock-group Reside released a new song “In This Moment.” The track is the first single since the band’s debut EP Closing Doors in 2017. Lead vocalist Liam Guinane says it’s about facing your fears and taking responsibility. With vulnerable lyrics, the track can act as a release valve for all of your negative feelings.

3. UPSAHL – “The Other Team”

Boppy lyrics pull you into this new release from UPSAHL. “The Other Team” is a love ballad about having unrequited feelings for a person you can’t be with. Humorous and relatable at the same time, “The Other Team” is UPSAHL’s fourth single with promises of more to come.


RYLS bring us an angsty pop-punk jam with their new track “WAVES.” Featuring a strobe effect and LGBTQ representation, the music video shows flashbacks to a seemingly happy relationship that recently ended. The song is off the band’s upcoming EP live:love:lose, out Jan. 18 with preorders available now.

5. Spectral Fires – “Just A Mirage”

Spectral Fires released “Just A Mirage” with a video showing the band playing in a suit-and-tie party dressed in white suits. “Just A Mirage” describes dissonance between appearance and reality, using the music video to get the point across. The track is the first from their upcoming EP titled Turn Toward The Sun, which can be preordered here.

6. Reason Define – “Pointing Fingers”

All-female post-hardcore group Reason Define’s latest single, “Pointing Fingers” has powerful vocals and engaging riffs that pull you in. The song features poetic lyrics to tell a story to give you chills. The track is taken from their upcoming second album In Memory... with a release date to be announced.

7. The Alchemy – “Give Me The Sky”

The music video for the Alchemy’s latest release, “Give Me The Sky,” takes advantage of the visual lyrics. With beautiful landscapes and intriguing shots, the video grabs your attention right away. “Give Me The Sky” is off the band’s untitled album, expected for release in 2019.

8. Brent Walsh – “Moon Creep”

Brent Walsh (I The Mighty) embraces poppy doo-wops and a cappella influences in his new single “Moon Creep.” The music video is light and fun, featuring a person losing themselves listening to the music as they go through their normal day. “Moon Creep” is off Brent Walsh’s new EP, Are You Even There At All? out now.

9. The Stolen feat. Jake Miller – “Rooftop”

Featuring Jake Miller, this upbeat song from the Stolen touches on mental illness and suicide. The Stolen made “Rooftop” sound purposely upbeat to address how people struggling with their mental health tend to put on a fake smile. They also brought Miller on to create a bigger sound inspired by “We Are The World.” You can catch the Stolen on tour with tickets on sale now.

10. Sleeptalk – “Apart From You”

Sleeptalk released a new single, “Apart From You,” about the band’s experience touring and being away from the ones they love. Light and melodic, “Apart From You” is a poppy ballad perfect for your weekend. The track comes ahead of Sleeptalk’s performance with reality TV personality Paul Abrahamian, with tickets available here.