You’re welcome: We’ve made finding new songs by rising bands easy. Each week, we’re gathering the best from the underground and offering it to you in one, concise list. Scroll to the end and check out our Spotify Discover playlist, featuring these tracks and more!

In return, we want to hear your favorite. Let us know what track you’ll be spinning for the rest of the weekend in the comments!

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1. KROWNS – “Fake It”

With relatable lyrics and catchy rhythms, “Fake It” is definitely the anthem you’ll be singing all weekend. Including the classic phrase “Fake it till you make it” in the lyrics, KROWNS sing about battling anxious thoughts in everyday life. Even if you don’t consider yourself faking it, “Fake It” is the song for anybody’s weekend. “Fake It” is the title-track off their upcoming EP, which is expected to drop in January 2019.

2. Young Rising Sons – “SAD (Clap Your Hands)”

A revisioning of the classic “Happy And You Know It,” Young Rising Sons embrace feeling sad at least for a little bit. With a happy, upbeat melody, this song could easily make its way to your cheer-up playlist with a little time. You can catch them on tour now.

3. Spiritbox – “Electric Cross”

This new track from Spiritbox will capture your attention with a fast-paced bassline before throwing you in. With the bass giving “Electric Cross” it’s dynamic edge, this song captures all of vocalist Courtney LaPlante’s anger in regards to the world around her. If the current state of our society has you feeling angry, this is a good way to get it out of your system.

4. Speedy Ortiz – “DTMFA”

The follow-up to Speedy Ortiz’s third album Twerp Verse, “DTMFA” mixes summery soft pop with edgy electric guitars. With lead vocalist Sadie Dupuis singing about lost love and moving on, urging herself and others to dump the guy already.

5. Hold Close – “Breath”

Decked out in vibrant colors, Hold Close offer a soft jam to kick off your weekend right. About heartbreak and loneliness, “Breath” was written after a close friend of the band passed away. Softer and even a bit sadder, this song will help you through whatever your weekend brings. "Breath" is off Time, out Jan. 18 2019 and available for preorder now.

6. Mike Mains & The Branches – “Endless Summer”

This new song from Mike Mains & The Branches is a summery bop for your fall weekend. Off their new album When We Were In Love, being released in the future via Tooth & Nail, “Endless Summer” features a beach-pop sound to transport the listener away from colder temperatures. While it doesn't have a release date, you can preorder the album now via Tooth & Nail Records on Kickstarter.

7. Micky James – “Tie Me Up”

Micky James’ new song “Tie Me Up” is a poppy hit mixed with ’50s rock. Described as a gritty glam rock ’n’ roll artist, James brings a unique flair that’s hard to find. With “Tie Me Up,” listeners can find an electric track to get them amped up for the weekend.

8. COIN – “Simple Romance”

COIN’s new song “Simple Romance” is a jam to get you moving. The song is the first single off their upcoming 2019 album, so far without a title. To kick off this new era of music, the band have released a new music video to accompany the single.

9. Ellis – “Frostbite”

A softer sound for your weekend, this track by Ellis is deceivingly calming. Gentle and sweet, “Frostbite” is relaxing even as it’s lyrics chill you to the core. Accurately described as being “emo dream pop,” this is the first song off Ellis' debut EP The Fuzz out Nov. 9.

10. The Unlikely Candidates – “Bells”

“Bells” features a dark, bluesy melody. Frontman Kyle Morris says that the idea of someone walking up to the gallows inspired the dark theme and sound in the song. With somber lyrics, the Unlikely Candidates slowly build up your energy with this song.