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1. Girl Wilde — “Bad Side”

Singer-songwriter Girl Wilde is proving that girls run the world in her brand-new debut single “Bad Side.” With a blend of rock, pop and electronic influences, this new music project holds a lot of promise for the future.

2. BEXLEY — “Run Rabbit Run”

BEXLEY just shared her fast-paced, guitar-shredding new song “Run Rabbit Run.” The song comes perfectly in time for Halloween with the haunting lyrics and downright eerie camera work. You’ll want to headbang all day to this new jam.

3. KID DAD — “The Wish Of Being Alone”

Has a song ever made you feel like you’re melting? Germany-based indie-rock act KID DAD will give you all the zen you need with their new track “The Wish Of Being Alone.” This new track is powerful and incredibly intimate. Quiet vocals and expressive guitar riffs will connect the audience with the band as much as with themselves.

4. Direct Hit! — “Different Universe”

Direct Hit! are giving fans more reason to be excited about the release of their upcoming second full-length. “Different Universe” is the third single from their punk-rock-meets-indie sound in Crown Of Nothing, out Oct. 26. If you need a little extra horror this spooky season, you’ll love the song’s music video. For those of you with a weak stomach, beware. There is blood.

5. nobody but you — “Echo Park Bar”

Hailing from L.A., indie-pop act nobody but you are releasing their debut single “Echo Park Bar.” This soothing and catchy track tugs at the heartstrings. Reminiscent of the 1975 with their own experimental edge, nobody but you just might be your new favorite indie act who may or may not make you bawl your eyes out.

6. Calmgrove — “Retrace”

Emo and punk perfectly cross over in Calmgrove’s new song “Retrace.” In this angsty punk-rock music video, the star of the show is a doll to give you an optimal balance between spooky and catchy.

7. Versus Me — “Shout”
Are you ready for a fantastic metal cover of a classic Tears For Fears song? Versus Me did a striking rendition of the ’80s hit “Shout” to help you let all of your angst out with this cool reimagination.
8. Sink Or Swim — “Twisted Tongue”

Dive into your weekend with Sink Or Swim’s heavy new song “Twisted Tongue.” Heavy drums, sweet guitar riffs and emo vocals are our favorite combination of things.

9. Lauran Hibberd — “What Do Girls Want?”

The bubbly and brilliant Lauran Hibberd just released her tongue-in-cheek indie-pop track “What Do Girls Want?” The track is unique with its lyrics and energetic guitar riffs, which will surely get stuck in your head.

10. Ryan Hamilton And The Harlequin Ghosts — “Bottoms Up (Here’s To Goodbye)”

Ryan Hamilton And The Harlequin Ghosts are throwing it back with their classic British punk sound and incredibly catchy chorus. If you need a good new song for a breakup, this is exactly what you should jam to this weekend.

11. Palmas — “Where Are You Going?”

Palmas’ “Where Are You Going?” is the perfect indie song that will transport you to the beach or any place that isn’t cold as we transition into harsher weather. This song is essential for all your weekend de-stressing.