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1. Back 2 Zero – “People Like Us”

“People Like Us” is a catchy, unapologetic rock anthem. Sounding like a mix between Third Eye Blind and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, this cathartic summer singalong is exactly what you need to cut out that toxic person in your life. Complete with undertones of tasty guitar licks and slick vocal arrangements, “People Like Us” will have your group chanting the chorus while flying down the highway. Back 2 Zero are playing a couple of shows in the future, and you can check out the dates here.

2. Black Beach – “Shampoo”

Black Beach’s “Shampoo” draws from post-punk, noise rock, doom and art rock, sounding like Sleep, FIDLAR and the B-52’s had a love child. Its droney guitar overlays the entire track and makes you feel like you’re driving down a highway with no end. The tension finally breaks and lays waste to the scenery with an inferno of dirty grunge and reckless punk abandonment. Black Beach’s new album, Tapeworm, drops Oct. 11. They’re also touring for the next two months. Dates and information is available here 

3. CHAPEL – “Friends”

CHAPEL’s “Friends” is perhaps the most relatable tune of all time. While being incredibly catchy with its melodic drums and bubblegum guitar and synth layering, this track packs more of a punch. It deals with friends no longer wanting to hang out with you and the balance between work, school, relationships, etc. Replete with dreamy vocals, “Friends” is sure to get you dancing and crying at the same time. You can check out the song here

4. DeathbyRomy – “Problems”

With the vocal talent of Lana Del Rey and the snappy, memorable melodies of Halsey, DeathbyRomy is the next biggest thing. “Problems” is a full, layered arrangement with hard-hitting beats, catchy hooks and a twinge of something being just unsettling enough the whole time. With an outro that reminds us of a horror carnival from Scooby-Doo, “Problems” is everything you could want from this mix of pop, hip-hop and rock. Check out the song here. Her new EP, Love U To Death, is out Oct. 25. You can presave here.

5. gnash – “forgive”

gnash is no stranger to making hits. “forgive” is riding in the same car as his four-time platinum breakthrough hit, “i hate u, i love u.” Both feature an impressive way to tackle raw emotions head-on with dynamic writing and impressively lackadaisical melodies that stick. “forgive” sounds like Artist Vs. Poet mixed with Tracy Chapman, and it’s everything your heart needs to heal. Check out the song here.   

6. Like Torches – “Get A Life”

Like Torches are captivating and nostalgic. As anticipation for their new album, Loves And Losses, grows, so does the sonic expanse of the five-piece. With former Yellowcard frontman Ryan Key tackling the production of the forthcoming record, “Get A Life” does sound like Yellowcard but with more bite and punchy guitars. The song is a dynamic rock song drawing from pop punk, alt-rock and post-hardcore. Merchandise and information on their upcoming album, Loves And Losses, are available here.

7. FOR THE WIN – “As Forever”

“As Forever” is the first new music by FOR THE WIN since 2017’s Heavy Thoughts, and they pull no punches with their smash pop single. If you love Hawthorne Heights and Anberlin but crave a bit more sauce, then FOR THE WIN have your number. With slicing guitars and a crunchy breakdown that could make you want to push over grandma, this should be a band on everyone’s radar. 

8. Glacier Veins – “Talk”

Sounding somewhere between a heavy Best Coast mixed with Balance And Composure, Glacier Veins are ones to watch. Heavy guitars coupled with some harmonies that would make Eisley envious and songwriting that could melt the iciest of hearts, “Talk” will have you voicing all of your frustrations with the utmost intensity. Double-kicked drums combined with angelic vocals make this band the heaviest blend of sugar and spice.

9. King Nun – “Bug”

King Nun’s “Bug” steps on to the scene with a complex blend of indie rock and garage punk. Drawing heavily from the Strokes and Japandroids, King Nun know what they want to sound like, and it lands. Clean guitars, a hint of a London accent in the vocals and good old fashioned guitar solos make this band a force to be reckoned with. King Nun are bringing early ’00s rock back, reminiscent of New York City’s post-punk revival when we were all obsessed with the White Stripes. Check out their debut album, Mass, here

10. Fire From The Gods – “Make You Feel It”

“Make You Feel It” starts off with some vibes of Florida icons Whole Wheat Bread and quickly throws you into Sevendust or Linkin Park. Five Finger Death Punch might be the best way to describe the essence of this band as the song is a blend of metal, hip-hop and hard rock. With a measured start, “Make You Feel It” quickly explodes into an uncompromising ballad of energy and grit. Refreshing vocals with weighty guitar tones make this track unforgettable. Fire From The Gods are touring with Five Finger Death Punch and Three Days Grace starting in November, and dates are available here.