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1. Coast To Coast — “The Sun Is Dim”

Classic English punk is brought back to life with Coast To Coast. In their brand-new song “The Sun Is Dim,” they explore how negative experiences affect you and those around you. In fact, their upcoming EP The World Doesn’t Work explores this theme in every song. Their EP is available Oct. 26 via Fox Records.

2. Can’t Swim — “My Queen”

Can’t Swim released their new song “My Queen” ahead of their upcoming LP. This Too Won’t Pass will be available Nov. 16 and can be preordered here. This album challenges the popular notion that time heals all wounds, and “My Queen” will take you to a wonderfully dark place.

3. Basement — “Be Here Now”

U.K. rockers Basement shared their new single “Be Here Now” from their upcoming record Beside Myself available Oct. 12. Their album can be preordered here. This anthem takes you through the hard emotions surrounding living in the moment. The past and present can be viewed through rose-colored glasses. “Be Here Now” serves as a great reminder to live for now.

4. Brent Walsh “Cloud’s Song”

Guitarist and singer for I The Mighty Brent Walsh is sharing a new song from his soothing indie solo project. The introspective “Cloud’s Song” will be on Walsh’s upcoming EP Are You There At All? available Nov. 2. You can preorder his EP right here.

5. Fickle Friends — “The Moment”

Indie-pop quintet Fickle Friends will make you want to groove all night long with their brand-new song “The Moment.” This track can be found on their upcoming EP Broken Sleep expected to drop in the fall.

6. As Everything Unfolds — “Despondency”

Buckinghamshire’s premiere pop-punk self-starters As Everything Unfolds released their new heart-wrenching track “Despondency” from their upcoming EP Closure available Oct. 19. The EP highlights the band’s turning point on what they have had to give up and change to be who they want to become.

7. The Safety — “Too Brooklyn”

North Carolina punk band the Safety released their debut music video for “Too Brooklyn” after recently signing to Imminence Records. They also revealed their debut album Queen City will be available Oct. 26.

8. Jaeger Wells — “Wish I’d Known You”

Singer/songwriter Jaeger Wells shared his new song “Wish I’d Known You.” Wells gets deeply emotional with this indie-punk ballad that discusses hard realities such as life changes and the loss of friends.

9. Thirty Nights Of Violence — “To Die In Your Portrait”

Nashville metal band Thirty Nights Of Violence emerged in the scene almost overnight with their brand-new single “To Die In Your Portrait.”Their riffs will transport you to a wonderfully heavy place. This is the title track for their new EP, which will be released Oct. 26 and can be preordered here

10. Tangerine — “Local Mall”

Indie-pop trio Tangerine shared their single “Local Mall,” which will be on their EP White Dove available Oct. 19. Their music video was shot entirely on iPhone 8 using Instagram-worthy golden hour lighting. The lyrics were inspired by a trip to Target that ended up with a little more than a cart overload of dollar products.

11. The Regrettes — “California Friends”

Punk trio the Regrettes released their rock hit “California Friends” that packs a huge punch with its guitar riffs and vocals. After a summer of playing festivals, the band finally got into the studio to create this energetic anthem. The band are also working on an LP, which will be out in 2019.