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13 new songs you need to hear from SWS, girl in red, Magnolia Park and more

This week has seen new music from all across the world and from different genres. From mxmtoon soundtracking a popular video game to pop-punkers Magnolia Park collabing with some big names in the scene, the music released this week will definitely not disappoint.

Check out the new songs released this week in March below.

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Kayzo – “Never Let You Down” (feat. Telle Smith)

EDM powerhouse Kayzo collabed with the Word Alive’s Telle Smith for the electronic-rock track “Never Let You Down.” Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the two longtime friends finally found time together in the studio to create “Never Let You Down,” which combines elements of old-school rock and new-school EDM. “I’ve been a fan of Telle Smith and the Word Alive for a while now. So when we got together to write and record this record, I knew we had a special one,” Kayzo says. This song follows Kayzo’s collab with Black Tiger Sex Machine and Point North for “Lifeline” earlier this year. Some of his other notable collabs include All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth, We Came As RomansKyle Pavone, blessthefall, Sum 41’s Frank Zummo, Underoath and I See StarsDevin Oliver.

Magnolia Park – “TDH2S” (feat. Ollie Baxxter)

After releasing many singles in the past year, 2021 sees fans finally getting a mixtape from this pop-punk group. With the release of Dream Eater, Magnolia Park have also shared a video for “TDH2S,” which features Broadside’s Oliver Baxxter and will have you reverting back to your 2000s Warped Tour emo days. The mixtape also sees collabs with Sleeping With SirensKellin Quinn on “Love Me,” iamjakehill on “Back On My Bullshit” and glimmers on “Sunburst.”

Sleeping With Sirens – “No Rain” and “Shadow Preachers”

Sleeping With Sirens have dropped two new covers for the highly anticipated American Satan follow-up series Paradise City, where frontman Kellin Quinn has a starring role as Ralphie. The band covered Blind Melon’s “No Rain” and Zella Days “Shadow Preachers” for the Amazon Prime show and put their own unique spin on the tracks. Paradise City is loosely based on creator Ash Avildsen’s relationship with his Academy Award-winning father, and Quinn will be featured alongside the likes of Bella Thorne and the late Cameron Boyce for the series. Andy Biersack, Ben Bruce and Booboo Stewart are among those returning, and Juliet Simms (Lilith Czar) and Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe will also appear. Paradise City is set to release March 25 on Amazon Prime.

mxmtoon – “creep”

mxmtoon has announced her involvement in the next installment of the video game Life Is Strange by releasing a reimagined cover of Radiohead’s iconic song “Creep.” mxmtoon will be the singing voice for the game’s main character Alex Chen, and the video for her cover mixes animation from the game with real-life footage of the singer. “It’s nerve-wracking to make your own version of such an iconic and established song, but ‘Creep’ is a classic, and I had so much fun being able to put my own spin on it,” she says. The singer has already had a big year, collabing with G Flip on “Queen” and Ricky Montgomery on a remix of his viral “Line Without A Hook.” She also released dusk (the edits) in February.

While She Sleeps – “NERVOUS” (feat. Simon Neil)


Ahead of their upcoming fifth album, SLEEPS SOCIETY, While She Sleeps have shared a video for their new single “NERVOUS,” featuring Biffy Clyro’s Simon Neil. The band have also shared two other tracks off the album in the last couple of months, “YOU ARE ALL YOU NEED” and the title track. “NERVOUS” touches on anxiety and mental health based on guitarist Sean Long’s own experiences. “The song ‘NERVOUS’ is one the band have been talking about ever since its first demo,” Long says. “It’s completely infected us since the start, and we all knew instantly that something really special had happened. I would go so far as to say it’s the single most important song I’ve ever written in my life.” SLEEPS SOCIETY is out April 16, and you can preorder it here.

Serj Tankian – “Electric Yerevan”

System Of A Down singer Serj Tankian shared a new solo EP with fans today, as well as a music video for “Electric Yerevan.” The Elasticity EP includes scrapped System Of A Down songs and is the newest music from Tankian following the band’s 2020 album, Protect The Land / Genocidal Humanoidz, their first music in 15 years. The video for “Electric Yerevan” visually chronicles the timeline of a massive protest in Armenia. “The song was inspired by the successful Electric Yerevan protests in Armenia in the summer of 2015, where people protested against proposed hikes in utility prices,” Tankian says. “My writing from that time is inscribed word for word in the song.” You can stream Elasticity now wherever you listen to music.

Born Of Osiris – “White Nile”

Born Of Osiris have shared a new single, “White Nile,” marking a new era for the five-piece after 2019’s The Simulation. “It has been a hard year for everyone, but we’ve been fortunate to lean on each member and each piece of this community we call BoO,” the band say. “Perseverance flows like the Nile, so we push on.” This new track also sees Nick Rossi transition from bass to guitar. Born Of Osiris have additionally teased a new album announcement coming May 3.

Nasty Cherry – “Her Body”

Co-written by the band’s founder and mentor Charli XCX and producer Yves Rothman, “Her Body” is the latest release from Nasty Cherry after they shared another single, “Lucky,” in January. Both “Her Body” and “Lucky” will appear on a five-track EP, The Movie. Both the song and accompanying video for “Her Body” are dark and moody, staying aligned with Nasty Cherry’s low-key alt-pop sound. Other songs on the upcoming EP, set to release April 2, are “Six Six Six,” “What’s The Deal” and “All In My Head.”

Northlane – “Clockwork”

Northlane have released a new single with “Clockwork.” This track follows 2020 single “Enemy Of The Night” as well as 5G, a five-track remix EP released in February. Written by frontman Marcus Bridge, “Clockwork” gives fans an inside look at how the past year has affected his mind and creativity. “‘Clockwork’ reflects the pressures and anxieties I felt as we jumped back into writing after an uninspiring year,” Bridge says. “I always want to push myself creatively, but with life on hold and no end in sight, I felt empty and lonely, running out of time as our self-imposed deadline approached.”

Pærish – “You & I” (feat. Patrick Miranda)

Pærish are back with a new single, “You & I,” featuring Patrick Miranda of Movements. The song is the latest release from the band’s upcoming sophomore album, Fixed It All. It follows their other singles, including the title track, “Archives,” “Violet” and “Mike + Susan.” “The song is about now being in a rush to fall in love,” vocalist/guitarist Mathias Court says. “I’m talking to a person that isn’t in my life but might someday be. It’s a love song about someone that hasn’t shown up yet.” Fixed It All is out April 23, and you can preorder it now.

girl in red – “Serotonin” a cappella

girl in red has shared an a cappella video for her hit single “Serotonin” ahead of her upcoming debut album, if i could make it go quiet. First released earlier this month, the original song follows other viral singles from the 22-year-old Norwegian singer, including “we fell in love in october,” “i wanna be your girlfriend” and “bad idea!” It’s also the third pre-album single from girl in red after “midnight love” and “rue” were released last year. Co-produced by Billie Eilish’s brother and collaborator FINNEAS, the a cappella version of “Serotonin” offers an incredibly raw and personal look at girl in red’s intrusive thoughts. if i could make it go quiet is out April 30, and you can preorder the debut album from girl in red now.

Lauren Sanderson – “Hi.”

Lauren Sanderson is back with her first music of 2021 after releasing her debut album, Midwest Kids Can Make It Big, in 2020. The single, “Hi,” marks the start of a new era for the rising star. “I never knew heartbreak till I had to let go of someone I was still madly in love with,” Sanderson says. “This song is everything I wish I could tell her if we could forget about our pain for one moment and go back to the euphoria of meeting for the first time.” Produced by Keith Varon, the song mixes pop, rock and R&B with genuinely deep and comforting lyrics that are sure to put you in your feels.

Holding Absence – “In Circles”

Gearing up for the release of their sophomore album, The Greatest Mistake Of My Life, Holding Absence have shared a new single from the upcoming release. “In Circles” follows previously released tracks from the album, including “Afterlife” and “Beyond Belief.” Frontman Lucas Woodland is excited about what the song means for the band, saying, “Lyrically, it commentates on the mundane and cyclical nature of day-to-day life…pointing out just how dangerous it can be to live your life without ambition. We think this track is really special and will hopefully be enough to encourage people to reach out of their lives a little bit.” The Greatest Mistake Of My Life is out April 16, and you can preorder it now.