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1. Hallow Point “Life’s Ghost”

Influenced by Metallica, metal band Hallow Point gave its fans an anthem for trudging through the work/school week with their single “I’m Alive” last month. Now, they’ve released their debut LP, Blacklight, and along with it, “Life’s Ghost.” HP created a visual for the track, serving as a follow-up to the “I’m Alive” music video that shows the aftermath of the battle. “Life’s Ghost” tackles “depression and how it can influence someone after [a] life-changing event,” guitarist Bill Brynda says. The band are scheduled to tour for their new LP, and you can buy tickets here.

2. Charlee Remitz “Pretty Genius”

Since her 2015 breakout LP, Bright White Trims, Charlee Remitz has been delivering alt-pop songs of sadness and self-fulfillment. For her most recent track, “Pretty Genius,” she explores heartbreak, discovering by the end of the song that sometimes you have to be the one to catch yourself when you’re falling. The track’s available for streaming here.

3. The Bad Bees “Always Restart”

It’s been three years since the Bad Bees debuted their EP, Fast Paced Space, and the streaming world met the band, a charmingly goofy cast of indie characters. But with their most recent song, “Always Restart,” they’re claiming their seriousness as artists by channeling cheer into lyrics that describe a relentless grind.  

4. Julian Lamadrid “Red Car”

Julian Lamadrid claims his sound rests between an assortment of genresnew wave, bedroom pop, hip-hop, ’80s synth and British rock. His latest single, “Red Car,” on the other hand, falls outside of this hodgepodge. Stripped down to the basics, Lamadrid’s humming acoustic guitar and his honey-dipped voice reveals a deeper, more vulnerable side of the artist. Check out the full track here.

5. Sueco The Child – “novacane :)”

Rapper Sueco The Child just released his debut album, MISCREANT. While the majority of the project focuses on his hip-hop sound, “novacane :)” harkens back to the days when Sueco was the frontman of a screamo band. It proves to be an unexpected but welcome surprise when listening through the mixtape-like, eight-track album, which you can listen to here

6. Triple Addiction – “Rhythm Of The Road”

Brothers Chris, Jon and Brandon Loree have been playing together since they were 12 years old. Along with guitarist Dominic Zamora, they bring their blend of alternative, hard rock and country to their new debut full-length, American Heartbreak. Dubbed as a work that’s suited for saying goodbye to summer, “Rhythm Of The Road” reminds listeners of the sense of freedom you feel when rolling your car windows down and blasting your radio at full volume.

7. Overcoats – “Leave If You Wanna”

For Overcoats, there’s a battle to be fought. It started with the duo shaving their heads and writing about whatever it takes to preserve one’s self, spirit and soul. That’s where “Leave If You Wanna” comes in. Singing over a synth-heavy beat, Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell remind us what one can lose in always being right. Their limited-edition seven-inch The Fool is set to be released Dec. 6.   

8. Living Machines – “Harvest”

Living Machines aren’t your typical metal band. Rather, they’re a transmedia project that came from the future realm of Gemini. Their songs and comics give fans a deeper look into the dark, sci-fi they’ve created. LM’s latest single,“Harvest,” is a riot-inciting anthem sonically fueled by raw power and rage.

9. Annika Rose – “I’m Better”

Annika Rose recently shared her new single “I’m Better,” in tandem with a corresponding music video. With lyrics that capture her journey as a woman and artist, the heartful and raw ballad proves that, as humans, we’re constantly changing, forming and growing. Her video includes personal photos and footage that, when paired with “I’m Better,” gives us a greater understanding of Rose as a writer. The track’s available for streaming here.

10. Just Friends – “Fever”

With a U.S. headlining tour set in motion and later supporting the Story So Far’s tour this coming November, Just Friends are keeping busy. The funk-punk collective just released their newest single, “Fever,” which includes a handful of emo influences. You can see them on tour this fall, and tickets are available here.