You’re welcome: We’ve made finding new songs by rising bands easy. Each week, we’re gathering the best from the underground and offering it to you in one, concise list. Scroll to the end and check out our Spotify Discover playlist, featuring these tracks and more!

In return, we want to hear your favorite. Let us know what track you’ll be spinning for the rest of the weekend in the comments!

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1. Goalkeeper – “Nothing At All”

This new song from three-piece pop-punk band Goalkeeper is exactly what you need to ease into your weekend. Heavy and melodic, “Nothing At All” is just a taste of their upcoming EP, Bad Times Don’t Last, which is produced by Kevin Mahoney (Hit The Lights) and Rick King of King Sound Studio (Hit The Lights, Forever Came Calling).

2. Lucy Arnell – “SMS”

Adding in sound effects to create a surreal atmosphere, “SMS” offers a stripped-down, grungy vibe straight out of the ’90s. Arnell says the song is meant to convey the anger stage of grief. With intricately layered guitars and creative lyrics, the song is definitely a stand out. The track appears on her album Anyways Any, which was released Friday.

3. Veridia – “I Won’t Stay Down”

With an early ’00 alt-pop feel, Veridia break out of the box with “I Won’t Stay Down.” Sounding like a cross between Gwen Stefani and Lzzy Hale, Veridia’s track is the confidence boost you need for your weekend. The song is taken from their forthcoming full-length The Beast You Feed.

4. Ottawa – “Friends”

Cleveland rock group Ottawa released their last summer single, and it’s a jam. With refined lyrics and a slow melody that builds, the band sing about heartbreak and friendship. Even though it might pull on your heart strings, this powerful song is one you need on your playlist.

5. Between Friends – “iloveyou”

Sweet and laid back, Between Friends channel a different decade in both the song and music video for this new song. The lyrics are cute and bubbly alongside smooth instrumentals. Perfect for a lazy Sunday morning, “iloveyou” crams in the last sunshiny feel of summer into your weekend.

6. Real Talk – “I Can’t Help But Notice”

Featuring rhythmic guitars, rugged vocals and a lot of angst, this new song from Real Talk is the soundtrack to your stay-at-home weekend. This song from Real Talk’s upcoming Arrivals EP will help you unload any frustrations you’re carrying around from the week.

7. Modern Color – “JACARANDA”

Modern Color are promoting their new album with a new song and music video that showcases footage shot from January 2016 to September 2018. The vocals have an out-of-this-world sound, sparking a nostalgic feel as you watch the home-movie style video.

8. Action/Adventure – “Parachutes”

Action/Adventure combine the best of heavy and melodic in “Parachutes.” No matter what mood you’re in, “Parachutes” is relatable. Combining multiple genres and feelings into one song, Action/Adventure have created the perfect song for your weekend.

9. Sloucher – “Be True”

The title track off their upcoming EP Be True, Sloucher enter the scene with a sunshiny pop-rock vibe perfect for your weekend. Classic elements blend together with a sweet ’50s beach mood to create something new.

10. Polyphia – “Yas” feat. Mario Camarena and Erick Hansel

This brand-new song from Polyphia fuses multiple genres into one, creating a new R&B-pop-meets-prog-rock sound. The video showcases how cool this band really are by detailing how they intricately layer this instrumental song.

11. The Blonde Tongues - Turn Me Out

Garage rockers the Blonde Tongues unleashed two new tracks on the world this weekend, “Rain Check” and “Turn Me Out.” Clocking in at just over two minutes, the latter of the two is dripping with emotion-fueled punk perfect to kick off your weekend.