New Year’s is a great time to hit the reset button and set some goals you want to accomplish in the new 365 days. If you’re a scene kid at heart, there are especially some resolutions you can set that have to do you music, fashion and more.

While some resolutions can be cliche, we created a list of 10 that every scene kid should make in 2020 that are actually easy to do and will greatly improve your life. Check those out below.

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1. Spend less money on concert tickets

While we all love going to concerts, it’s time to start being smart about budgeting for shows and making sure you have enough money for other aspects of your life. It doesn’t mean you have to go to fewer shows—it’ll just help you figure out which shows are most worth going to in 2020. Also, you can decide when it’s time to spend extra on VIP and when general admission would be just as fun.

2. Learn new makeup looks

It’s always fun to mix up your look, so discover a few new makeup trends that you want to tackle. Have you never successfully done a winged eyeliner but want to conquer it? Write it down and make sure it happens next year. Get some inspiration from social media and YouTube, because you have nothing to lose.

3. Discover 10 new bands

Make sure you’re always expanding your music collection by trying to find at least 10 new bands who you love next year. Ask your friends for suggestions or see who your favorite bands are showing love to online to get some inspiration, so you can add some new tracks to your daily rotation.

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4. Send fan mail

Show your favorite artists some love by giving them a physical expression of your appreciation for their art. Bands love getting personal letters from fans to remind them why they work so hard every day to tour and make new albums. Plus, you might even get a letter back that you can cherish forever.

5. Retire those old Converse


While we’re all guilty of overwearing our favorite sneakers until they have holes in the bottom, invest in yourself in 2020 and buy a new pair. Check out different store sales and online retailers to get a sick new pair at a reasonable price and throw out those old ones that are starting to smell.

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6. Learn a new instrument

Elevate your love of music by learning the basics of making a song. You can find lessons for instruments such as guitar, piano, drums and more at a local music store and see if you like it. Then, you can learn to play some of your favorite songs and take your jam sessions to the next level.

7. Go to a music festival

Whether you frequent live music events or you’ve never been to one, plan ahead and go to a music festival next year. It doesn’t have to be Coachella—do some research and find other festivals that feature amazing bands at a much more reasonable price. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience where you can enjoy live music and spend time with friends.

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8. Discover more local bands

Show some love to artists in your neighborhood by streaming their music or attending one of their gigs. There are amazing artists making music everywhere, and you might just find that your next obsession are actually from the same hometown as you.

9. Start a music journal


A music journal is a great way to connect with your favorite songs and express your emotions. You can write down lyrics that stick with you and explain your feelings while hearing it and why it was so profound to you. You can also use it to break down lyrics and figure out your own individual meanings to some of your favorite tracks.

10. Enjoy a concert without your phone

We’re all guilty of taking Snapchat videos and Instagram photos while attending concerts, but it’s not the best way to enjoy a show. Leave your phone in your pocket and enjoy the performance with your own eyes, because you probably won’t even watch those videos later. The memory will be more prominent to you, and you’ll have a more authentic experience.

What are your New Year's resolutions? Sound off in the comments below!