New 'Pokémon GO' game allows you to catch 'em all in the real world

The Pokémon Company have unveiled a unique and ambitious new undertaking for the Pokémon franchise that should have longtime fans pretty excited. Pokémon GO is a game that will allow you to interact with Pokémon in the real world. Whether or not this is a day you've been waiting for, it is upon us, and it's pretty great. Developed over the last few years by a former Google start-up called Niantic, who have been working closely with The Pokémon Company and Nintendo, Pokémon GO is planned for a 2016 release on both Android and iOS.

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Pokémon Go Plus, the wristband peripheral seen below, will sync with the game via your phone or tablet and is used for basic functions within the game, like throwing Pokéballs or getting alerts when a Pokémon is near you. Overall, Pokémon GO appears to encourage outside play and togetherness as you can enjoy the game with friends and family in a way never before experienced. The game may also be expanded down the line, as Pokémon designer Junichi Masuda said during the announcement conference, “I’m thinking about how this game will connect with titles in the main series of Pokémon games.” 

You can view the game's new announcement trailer below, which was dedicated to Satoru Iwata, the Nintendo President and CEO who passed away back in July.