New Politics

Lost In Translation

ROCKS LIKE: Matt & Kim, AWOLNATION, Twenty One Pilots

WHAT'S DIFFERENT: If you thought New Politics couldn’t get any catchier, their latest full-length is here to prove you wrong. They take their unique blend of dance rock and up the ante with sounds as diverse as an 8-bit video game intro, some childlike harmonizing (“CIA”) and a rock-tinged take on a traditional Japanese melody (“Tell Your Dad”) that fittingly features Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: The fourth full-length shows off their growth as artists, especially lyrically. The trio further explore their upbeat side, from the empathetic “One Of Us” (“Even when you’re lonely/Know you’re not alone”) to the uplifting “Madeline” (“You’ve got to love yourself before you love somebody”). From the slightly more mellow moments (“Color Green,” “Lifted”) to the electric anthems (“Lifeboat,” “East Coast Thrilla”), Lost In Translation will have you singing and dancing around your room from start to finish—hairbrush mic optional. Rachel Campbell

OUR PICK: “Lifeboat”

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