Nikki Misery is a self-described "walking thing of filth and disgust." 

Most of us take to our cosmetic bags every morning to conceal a blemish or craft a kick-ass cat-eye, but this New Years Day guitarist hits the mirror in hopes of looking "as much like a junkie" as possible and strives live his day-to-day as a walking homage to Dave Vanian and David Bowie. 

As Ash Costello recored a podcast with AP Founder, Mike Shea, during  New Years Day's most recent visit to the offices of Alternative Press, we gathered up all of the spare lipsticks, concealers, mascaras and eyeliners we could find and persuaded our Editorial Assistant, Maggie Dickman, to break out of her more natural and subtle daily makeup regimen in favor of looking like human scum.

Watch Nikki Misery use his fingers to crudely smudge lipstick all over Maggie's eyes, cheeks–and teeth–and transform a lovely young lady into Nosferatu-chic junkie-trash.