Welcome to 2013! Yesterday, AP gave artists and fans New Year's resolutions suggestions. Today, we have actual resolutions from some of the artists we've spoken to recently. Check out vows for the new year from The Bronx, Hands Like Houses, Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce The Veil and Motionless In White below:


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"Since I was young, I was intrigued by airplanes, and hopefully this summer I'm gonna learn how to fly one. Our booking agent is a pilot and every time I go up in his plane I'm always like, 'I can do this.' So with a little help from him, I'm gonna definitely try to get my pilot's license. Wish me luck." --bassist Jaime Preciado (Readers poll bassist of the year.)

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“It’s smoking as usual, for me. I think this time, I’m really going to stop. You can ask Matt how many times I’ve said that.” — guitarist Joby J. Ford

“I think I’m going to start doing steroids in 2013. My goal in the new year is to get incredibly jacked, just get completely ‘roided-out and see what happens. Other than that, I don’t know what introspective thing I’m going to do.” — the obviously messin'-with-us vocalist Matt Caughthran



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“As cliché and dumb as it sounds, I honestly want to try to be healthier. On our last tour, I really got into working out and being healthier and I felt amazing. I don’t know where it came from, but a week into the tour, I felt great. Then, I got sick from the weather change and I stopped. So I’m going to use New Year’s as my excuse to stop being a piece of shit and quit eating pizza and chicken wings nonstop. Maybe I’ll just stop eating altogether and see what happens. [Laughs.] Maybe I’ll get really, really pale and get purple drained eyes, and then I won’t need makeup anymore.” — vocalist Chris Motionless



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“We don't believe there should be one set date to make resolutions. Every day, people have the opportunity to change and better themselves, but for us in 2013, we're going to try and perfect the art of microwave meals! Cooking times vary!” –Hands Like Houses

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"My New Year's resolution is to do something positive in my community. Now that I have the resources to do so, I want to give back as often as I can, and help people who are less fortunate. It's always been my dream, so this year, I'm making it happen!" – vocalist Kellin Quinn (Readers poll vocalist of the year and singer you would like to see on The Voice)

"My New Year's resolution is to be more in touch with the fans, meeting more kids at every show. Also connecting with them more through social media. Happy New Year!" –guitarist Jesse Lawson