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We all have that one movie that's a little too terrifying to finish… Right? 

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Netflix's new horror flick Veronica has scared the sh*t out of many viewers, many who claim they weren't even able to finish the movie. That inspired PR firm Edelman to compile a list of the 10 other horror films streaming on Netflix that viewers simply couldn't finished.

As Bloody Disgusting reports, these 10 horror movies were turned off by many viewers after at least 70 percent of their runtime had passed, which they say “indicates more than mere disinterest.”

“Technically speaking, these are the top horror films that committed viewers just couldn’t finish—they made it halfway through, they made it past the climax but they just couldn’t survive until the end,” Edelman explains.

See what might just be the ten scariest movies on Netflix below:

Cabin Fever
Carnage Park
México Bárbaro
The Conjuring
The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence
The Void

We have to ask… Were you able to finish these movies? Or what movie should have made the list? Sound off below!

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