13 Reasons Why
[Photo by: Netflix]

Netflix is revealing the launch date for the final season of 13 Reasons Why today bringing the series to a close after four seasons.

The streaming service revealed that the new season is launching on June 5 giving closure to the various ongoing storylines left in the series.

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The third season of the series left fans questioning what’s coming next after finding out the character Alex murdered athlete and sexual predator Bryce. Another character, however, ends up taking the blame for Bryce’s death with few people knowing Alex’s secret.

Now, viewers are going to get their answers as the show is returning this summer.

The show is giving a minute-long video showing the series’ stars together as they put a wrap on the show. They reveal the premiere date for the last season too leaving us about a month away from seeing the series come to a close.

13 Reasons Why has garnered much controversy over the course of its run. Many viewers are praising the series for tackling difficult subject matter including suicide, mental health, sexual assault, bullying and more. Others though, are dismissing the show over the way the series ends up portraying these very topics. Two years after the first season aired, Netflix edited a very graphic scene showing the show’s main character Hannah killing herself which many people thought was late to be doing.

The show is also linking to increases in teen suicides through numerous studies. In a study done by National Institutes of Health, researchers suggested that 13 Reasons Why is linked to a spike in teen suicide. A second study also shows a similar conclusion finding that months after the show’s launch the youth suicide rate for ages 10-19 rose unexpectedly by 13 percent.

Netflix released a statement in regards to the studies stating they were “looking into the research,” which they say conflicts with another study from the University Of Pennsylvania in which suicide rates dropped.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental illness, help is available. Please consider these online resources and talk to your doctor about your symptoms:

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