With all kinds of new information coming out about 13 Reasons Why Season 2, one of the best pieces of info yet is that the sophomore season is going to explore additional taboo topics aside from suicide.

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Miles Heizer, who plays Alex Standall, tells NME that the show will more openly tackle taboo topics in the upcoming season—even more so than those touched on in Season 1.

“We took the issues that were present in Season 1 and made sure that they are present in Season 2. We really went head first into all of these things that people thought were taboo and talked about them anyway,” he explains.

So it seems suicide isn’t off the table, but rather another host of topics that could be uncomfortable discussing are going to get added to the roster. In closing, he comments: “If anything, we’re even more open about the taboo topics from Season 1, and we dive in deeper.”

Check out the Season 2 trailer above. Plus, star Dylan Minnette—who plays Clay Jensen—explains that he's happy they decided on a second season. And after teasing that we'll be getting more about Hannah's life as told by Hannah, Minnette also explains that there wiill be more character development for everyone.

“I think that you’ll see more interactions between Hannah and some other characters we haven’t seen before,” Minnette tells the entertainment source. “I think that’s interesting because in Season 1, whenever there was a flashback, it was either Hannah or Clay’s flashback and either Clay or Hannah or both were always in it.

“Now, maybe there will be a flashback they’re not in, and you can learn more about something else. I thought that was pretty cool.”

When is Season 2 coming out? A premiere date hasn't been officially announced yet, but with production reportedly wrapped, it looks like it'll be out sometime later this year—possibly in the summer, per Thrillist.