The highly anticipated second season of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why released on Friday, and one Twitter user quickly binge-watched the series to provide a resource for people who want to watch the show.

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The show, which tackles taboo topics such as suicide, sexual assault and substance abuse, has been criticized in the past for its portrayal of certain topics. Twitter user @lovesickpalaces tweeted a screenshot of a complete trigger warning guide for the entire second season, which includes the type of trigger and time stamp of where it occurs. The entire guide is broken down by episode, and some of the triggers include gun violence, drug abuse and victim blaming.


Other Twitter users who saw the tweet praised @lovesickpalaces for including such an in-depth guide for fans of the show who might be affected by certain content.





Besides this fan-created guide of the show, Netflix has included a video before the first episode of each season which features the leads of the show, such as Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette, informing viewers about how to get help if there are affected by its content. Additionally, Netflix created an online resource full of mental health support and services through different organizations for fans to refer to for guidance.

Netflix also released a second season of 13 Reasons Why: Beyond The Reasons on Friday, which is an after show where the cast, producers and mental health professionals break down the show and the reasoning behind the way the show portrays certain scenes.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental illness, there is help to be found.  Please consider these online resources and talk to your regular doctor about your symptoms: – Get Immediate Help
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