Warped Tour kicked off to a great start today (June 13) in Houston, Texas. Today was especially awesome, because even if you weren’t there, you got to live stream the entire thing on the Warped Tour webcast. (We would have killed for that just five years ago.) Here in the AP skyscraper, we were all pretty entranced by the webcast all day and found it hard to look away. Here are 15 interesting things we saw on the first day of Warped Tour.

1. Motionless In white played a new song, “Reincarnate”—taken from their upcoming album of the same name for Fearless Records. Chris Motionless asked the crowd to scream the lyrics, “You make me fucking sick!”

2. There was a unicorn in the crowd during Crown The Empire’s set.

3. Derek Sanders from Mayday Parade was completely barefoot during the band’s performance. He’s always barefoot, but braving the Texas heat is another thing entirely. Do you think his feet will survive all of the scorchers this summer?

4. Main Stage manager Kenny Leath came out onstage and said something to Motionless In White near the end of their set. It’s not clear what he said, but typically, when Kenny comes out on stage like that, it’s because he’s pissed and the band went over their allotted playing time. Nice job, Chris!

5. This Wild Life played the song “Better With You” live for the first time.

6. Beebs And Her Money Makers covered TLC’s “Waterfalls” and Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball,” because why not?

7. The Devil Wears Prada, along with other bands on the tour, had American Sign Language interpreters on stage, translating the lyrics for those hard of hearing. Check out one of the interpreters below, signing and dancing at the same time:

8. Speaking of TDWP, frontman Mike Hranica left the stage in one of those “where the fuck did he go?” moments and set his mic stand up in front of the crowd for a performance that was equal parts intimate and crazy.

9. Telle Smith of the Word Alive joined Breathe Carolina onstage to perform the song “Sellouts,” which was originally recorded with Asking Alexandria’s Danny Worsnop. The track is on the band’s new album, Savages.

10. Brian Dales of the Summer Set was wearing a Brian Dales shirt.

11. The singer of Terror told the crowd he wanted a circle pit, because it was his birthday. (Duh.)

12. Issues had some technical issues (ha) with their sound, but screamer Michael Bohn assured the crowd, “The sounds whatever, but it's not affecting us, so don't let it affect you.” Also, Tyler Carter had purple hair.

13. The drummer for We The Kings had a drum kit that was modeled after the DeLorean from Back To The Future.

14. Dan Lambton of Real Friends was wearing a Light Years shirt. Represent.

15. Warped Tour took a stand against crowd surfing and moshing. There was a sign hanging from the stages that read, “You mosh, you crowd surf, you get hurt, we get sued, no more Warped Tour.” Check out a photo of the sign below:

If you were at Warped today (or you watched the webcast), what interesting things did you see? Let us know in the comments.