It’s an exciting time for fans of the 1975, as the band are doing plenty to send them into a frenzy.

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After posting a cryptic and captionless Instagram photo yesterday (their first post on the platform since July) all of their social media accounts have disappeared. In addition, their website has gone black.


As if this weren’t all enough to get our blood rushing, posters similar to the Instagram post have been popping up around the U.K. that say “First disobey then look at your phones.”



The band’s manager Jamie Oborne basically confirmed the new era is near. Last week when a fan tweeted a picture of a pink sky writing, “Evening, the iliwys era is still here.” Oborne replied saying, “Yes for a few more days.”

This isn’t the first time (not even close) that the 1975 have deleted all social posts on their band accounts. Back in March they started teasing Music For Cars, and frontman Matty Healy started cryptically teasing “new the 1975,” before all of their posts disappeared. Since then, it’s been a wild ride of mysterious activity and changing hair colors leaving fans wondering what it all means.

Fans will recall a similar lead up to the I Like It When You Sleep era when the band posted a cryptic cartoon and followed-up by deleting all their social posts.

One thing is for certain, it seems the 1975 are entering a new era and it appears we are very close to hearing some new music.

The band’s second album, I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It, dropped in February 2016. And at the end of last year, the band surprise released their new live album DH00278.