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We were, well, a bit confused when those '90s JNCO jeans made their comeback, and it turns out that’s not the only '90s/‘00s trend that’s finding a way back into our wardrobes.

Yep, that’s right: Big fashion sites are reporting that the early ‘00s revival is making its way back into high fashion, and it’s a revival we weren’t totally ready for.

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As men’s fashion giant Topman reports, it’s not just the wallet chain that’s making a comeback into popular culture. They also shared that flame prints, polos, baggy denim, Vans slip ons and more are finding their way onto the streets again, too.

We might still associate said styles with those early '00s, Blink-182 days, but now accessories like wallet chains are a “modern workwear and biker look, as well as a key streetwear accessory,” according to Topman.


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But it shouldn't come as a total surprise that these early '00s styles are picking up steam. Brands like Thrasher have kept the style in the mainstream, making finding these early ‘00s skater styles in the high fashion realm less of a surprise. However, if that means we’ll be seeing JNCO-inspired jeans on the runway, that means nothing is off limits, right?

Not to mention, style icons are keeping these trends alive, even if it is a more fashion-forward approach than what our '00s hearts are used to.


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When we think of polos and “baggy fits,” we can't help but get those “Feeling This” vibes. I guess they'll soon be “controlling the market” with the idea that the “early 2000s is the next big decade trend.”

Although it feels like it was just yesterday, we're still curious to see if those JNCO-style jeans actually do find their way onto the runway—and then onto the streets, once again.

What are your thoughts on the '90s/'00s revival? Let us know in the comments below!