The 2010 AP Tour Fall came to a close earlier tonight with a sold-out show at the House Of Blues in Alternative Press' homebase of Cleveland, Ohio, and in what has become customary, a fair amount of fun was had during each band's set. The end-of-tour pranks began early in the night during This Is Hell's set, with members of August Burns Red and Polar Bear Club (along with various crew members) storming the stage during “Fall And Rise,” throwing each other around and then stealing pieces of TIH's drumset mid-song.

Polar Bear Club were repaid during their set-closing number, “Living Saints,” as more than a dozen AP Tour members (including fashionably late This Is Hell frontman Travis Reilly) took the stage and collapsed everywhere, leaving no room for the band to manuever. PBC frontman Jimmy Stadt and guitarist Chris Browne made the best of it, collapsing on top of their friends and performing the majority of the song from the ground; later on, Reilly and others began a sort of crowd-surf/crawl hybrid over the masses.

As the night went on, the pranks increased in skill level, as Emarosa found themselves in the middle of a human pyramid during their closing number, “Set It Off Like Napalm.” Jonny Craig and the boys took it in stride as their tourmates did their best to good-naturedly disrupt the show.

The stakes were significantly raised during co-headliner August Burns Red's set, though. First, numerous band members and crew (including ABR frontman Jake Luhrs) took the stage during ABR drummer Matt Greiner's customary drum solo, surrounding the front of his kit with arms folded, to do their best to intimidate him. The solo went off without a hitch; however, as the band launched into their set-ending “White Washed,” a completely buck naked Jona Weinhofen of Bring Me The Horizon bum-rushed the stage and commandeered a spare mic to sing along with Luhrs & Co. Following a quick shaking of his junk toward the packed crowd, Weinhofen disappeared into the night, presumably to locate the remainder of his dignity.

But all of that paled in comparison to the absolutely wild antics of Bring Me The Horizon and their crowd. As the British metalcore quintet dominated the AP Tour with an absolutely stunning final performance, the crowd responded in kind, delivering one of the most impressive walls of death we've ever seen, as well as inspiring a particularly daring crowd member to stage dive from the balcony. (It should go without saying that AP does not endorse what this kid did. That said, it looked totally rad.)

Pranking continued throughout BMTH's set, with Polar Bear Club bassist Erik “Goose” Henning taking the stage during “Fuck” to lip sync along (all while wearing a full-body pizza costume), as well as dozens of paper airplanes soaring out of the wings and onto the stage during “Crucify Me.” But it was during “Football Season Is Over” when practically the entire tour took the stage to sing along, spraying liquid and climbing on top of one another.

BMTH ended the night and the 2010 AP Tour Fall with a particularly brutal rendition of “Chelsea Smile,” one that has to be seen to be believed. (Luckily, we have video.)

Thus ends another extremely successful edition of the AP Tour. Alternative Press would like to thank all the bands, sponsors, crew and most importantly our readers and fans for making this tour such a smashing success. We'll see you in the spring!