[Photo by: Netflix]

Here’s something you might not know, three million people are still getting DVDs delivered to them.

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Doing some digging ahead of Netflix’s 21st anniversary, Variety did a deep dive into the streaming service’s history where they found that three million people haven’t forgotten when the service got its start: mailing DVDs.

While the service still gets their primary business from online streaming, it appears that 3 millions of their 130 million users still get their dose of binge-worthy marathons via DVDs from the split offed, yet still owned by Netflix, service DVD.com.

That may seem like a very small number compared to the service’s overall amount of users, but that doesn’t mean those little red envelopes with that copy of Deadpool 2 isn’t making its mark in profits.

Per the report, those DVD plans – which start off at $7.99 a month – can earn the company as much as $53 million in quarterly profits, a pretty big profit if we say so ourselves.

The numbers for DVD is still holding strong, it appears that it won’t be something that will last forever.

Variety found that approximately 190,000 DVD subscribers have been lost each quarter over the past two years, meaning that the service will most likely lose their last DVD-viewing members by 2022.

While those users are continually jumping to the digital side, the operating costs of the DVD side of Netflix is becoming cheaper with $77 million to operate in 2016 to $54 in 2017.

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