30-year old male jailed for stealing 27 phones at a Limp Bizkit concert

August 5, 2014
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According to a report from, 30-year old male Stefu Costel has been sentenced to 14 months in jail after admitting to stealing 27 smart phone devices at a Limp Bizkit concert that took place this past February at the Acedemy (pictured) in Manchester, UK. Police discovered the cellular devices inside of a plastic carrier bag during a search of Costel's flat in Chorlton, Manchester, which took place two days after the concert. 

Prosecutor Tim Greenald confidently stated, “It was an organized and planned theft most likely committed by more than one person with a degree of skill used.” On the other hand, Costel's defendant, Nicola Gatto, claimed he “had an 'acute psychotic disorder' and wanted to return to Romania.”

Judge Lindsey Kushner QC commented on the case saying, “It lends his nation a bad name. Everybody gets tarred with the same brush. He is one of those people in one of those gangs who go to public events and sweep through everyone.” She continued, “These are offenses that are a plague on all of us. It is not just a bit of pick-pocketing.”

This isn't the first time Costel has been convicted of theft, as he was also jailed for stealing attendee's cellular devices at last year's Reading Festival.

Written by AltPress