Hold the phone—last week, we were introduced to the pizza vending machine. And now, to start off this week, we're learning that 3D printed pizza could be on our plates sooner than we thought.

Originally designed to feed NASA astronauts on their mission to Mars, 3D printed pizza is happening down on Earth to speed up concession lines at amusement parks, sports stadiums and even concerts. Watch the video about the phenomena via Yahoo! Finance below.

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Anjan Contractor, founder of BeeHex, concocted the machine with a goal to “make customized food cleaner, healthier and faster.” Customers order on their phone, pay remotely and pick up their meal when finished, which could be in as little as four minutes. Already conquering pizza, the company now has its sights set on chocolate.

Is 3D printed pizza feeding hungry pop-punks at concerts the next big thing? Those dreams may actually come true.

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