With 3/03 (March 3) day having just past, the guys in 3OH!3 are celebrating with announcement of their new album, Night Sports, due out Friday, May 13. Watch the video for the new single, “Mad At You,” below, and pre-order now.

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Pre-orders come with an instant download of “Mad At You” and 3OH!3's provacative last release “My Dick.” Night Sports will be the Fueled By Ramen/Photo Finish artist's first release through Fueled By Ramen and will follow-up their fourth studio album Omens.

Night Sports was produced, engineered and mixed entirely by one half of the 3OH!3 duo Nathaniel Motte. Sean Foreman completes the duo.

The video for “Mad At You” was directed by Isaac Ravishankara, who also is credited for the duo's “You're Gonna Love This,” “Don't Trust Me” and “My First Kiss” videos.

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